Andrew Adonis, Momentum boss and Corbyn ally among Labour’s European election candidates

Sienna Rodgers

Labour has revealed its full list of candidates for the upcoming European elections, as selected by its ruling body the national executive committee (NEC) earlier this week.

Among those selected is Lord Andrew Adonis, who is second on the South West region list after incumbent Clare Moody.

The NEC also selected Momentum’s national co-ordinator Laura Parker, a left-wing pro-Remain activist who is in favour of another referendum and a supporter of anti-Brexit group Another Europe is Possible.

But above Parker on the same list – for London – is Katy Clark, an ally of Jeremy Corbyn. Clark used to work for the Labour leader as his political secretary. A former MP, she led the party’s democracy review last year and took a job in the general secretary’s office.

If Labour keeps the same number of London MEPs in the elections next month, both Parker and Clark would be elected.

Eloise Todd, CEO of anti-Brexit organisation Best for Britain, has also been selected. If successful, she would join fellow Remain and public vote campaigner Richard Corbett in representing Yorkshire and the Humber.

The NEC agreed that all of those who are already in post would automatically be put at the top of their regional list.

Below is the full list of Labour candidates for each European regional constituency.

East Midlands Region

  1. Rory Palmer – incumbent
  2. Leonie Mathers
  3. Tony Tinley
  4. Nicolle Ndiweni
  5. Gary Godden

Eastern Region

  1. Alex Mayer – incumbent
  2. Chris Vince
  3. Sharon Taylor
  4. Alvin Shum
  5. Anna Smith
  6. Adam Scott
  7. Javeria Hussain

London Region

  1. Claude Moraes – incumbent
  2. Seb Dance – incumbent
  3. Katy Clark
  4. Laura Parker
  5. Murad Qureshi
  6. Taranjit Chana
  7. James Beckles
  8. Sanchia Alasia

North East Region

  1. Judith Kirton-Darling – incumbent
  2. Paul Brannen – incumbent
  3. Clare Penny-Evans

North West Region

  1. Theresa Mary Griffin – incumbent
  2. Julie Carolyn Ward – incumbent
  3. Wajid Iltaf Khan – incumbent
  4. Erica Lewis
  5. David Brennan
  6. Claire Cozler
  7. Saf Ismail
  8. Yvonne Tennant


  1. David Martin – incumbent
  2. Jayne Baxter
  3. Craig Miller
  4. Amy Lee Fraioli
  5. Callum O’Dwyer
  6. Angela Bretherton

South East Region

  1. John Howarth – incumbent
  2. Cathy Shutt
  3. Arran Neathey
  4. Emma Turnball
  5. Rohit Dasgupta
  6. Amy Fowler
  7. Duncan Enright
  8. Lubna Arshad
  9. Simon Burgess
  10. Rachael Ward

South West Region

  1. Clare Moody – incumbent
  2. Andrew Adonis
  3. Jayne Kirkham
  4. Neil Guild
  5. Yvonne Atkinson
  6. Sadik Al Hassan


  1. Jackie Jones
  2. Matthew Dorrance
  3. Mary Wimbury
  4. Mark Whitcutt

West Midlands Region

  1. Neena Gill – incumbent
  2. Siôn Simon – incumbent
  3. Julia Buckley
  4. Ansar Ali Khan
  5. Zarah Sultana
  6. Samuel Hennessy
  7. Liz Clements

Yorkshire & the Humber

  1. Richard Corbett – incumbent
  2. Eloise Todd
  3. Mohammed Jawad Khan
  4. Jayne Allport
  5. Martin Mayer
  6. Alison Hume

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