Gwynne celebrates launch of Labour Party Graphic Designers ‘art pack’

Sienna Rodgers

Andrew Gwynne has endorsed the launch of an ‘art pack’ by Labour Party Graphic Designers, a new independent network of designers who are supportive of the party.

As Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, the frontbencher is well-placed to endorse the “inspiring” compilation of freshly produced posters, which are all based on the theme of local elections.

Gwynne’s foreword reads: “This May we have a simple message: Austerity isn’t over. It isn’t over for the kids who don’t have the text books they need in school. It’s not over for the young person still living at home, who can’t afford to move out. it isn’t over for the people who are unable to get the treatment they need due to NHS cuts, and it isn’t over for the vulnerable people who are living in fear, because violent crime has doubled in 5 years.

“The legacy of this government will not only be the mess that it has made of Brexit negotiations, but it will be the results of the vindictive policies it has taken to our local services, which have led to higher crime, more poverty and increased homelessness. Local people, paying the price for Tory mismanagement.

“Bringing the chaos to an end starts this May by electing local leaders who have the courage to break with a strategy that’s not working for the many. Who won’t stand by while our parks, library or police stations are closed down, and sold off to private developers. Labour councillors are showing that it doesn’t have to be this way, standing up against austerity, and protecting local services – torch bearers for the new politics that we will see with the next Labour government.

“Our movement is built from the grassroots and so to achieve this we need to work together, drawing from talent and energy of our mass membership. People have joined Labour for a purpose: they joined because they believed in a new kind of politics, a new way of doing things – changing politics for the better, of a society for the many, not the few. We need to use every mechanism there is to get that message out there.

“This art pack is an inspiring idea and I’m looking forward to following Labour Party Graphic Designers as they celebrate the best in art and design from our movement, and begin to build a new design narrative for the future.”

The full website of LPGD has launched today along with its first art pack. It includes a directory of Labour designers, and there are plans to create a ‘toolkit’ in the future that will help democratise design.

At the start of the month, LabourList interviewed LPGD founder Kevin Kennedy Ryan to find out more about the project and its aims.

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