WATCH: Lisa Nandy argues against another public vote

Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan who has consistently expressed concerns about the idea of holding another EU referendum, articulated the position of those against a public vote today.

Setting out her criticisms of the People’s Vote campaign to Alastair Campbell on Politics Live, Nandy said: “I would have a lot more time and respect for this campaign if you were just honest and upfront and said ‘we want to stop Brexit’.

The Labour backbencher added: “What you can’t do is go back to people in towns like mine, who were asked in food faith ‘do you want to be in the EU or not?’ and they said ‘no we don’t’ and they still don’t.

“And say to them, ‘we’re going to give you a second go at this that you didn’t ask for and you don’t want and we’re going to give you two options on the ballot paper which you consider to be different versions of Remain which you’ve already rejected.

“We’re breaking our democracy and there has to be a better way through this.”

In an emergency meeting that will confirm Labour’s European manifesto this afternoon, the national executive committee (NEC) is expected to retain the party commitment to backing another referendum only in order to prevent a Tory Brexit deal or no deal.

Although many Labour MPs, activists and affiliated unions are strongly in favour of a referendum on any deal, including one that meets Jeremy Corbyn’s five demands, there is unlikely to be a majority on the ruling body for shifting party policy to that position.

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