WATCH: Tory trash talk – Labour’s PPB rebuttal

Labour has released a video rebutting all the claims made by the Conservative Party in its recent party political broadcast, which aired on Monday.

As reported by LabourList in our preview of Labour’s austerity-focussed broadcast, the Tories chose to repeat their 2018 local election campaign with a “bins not Brexit” theme.

In doing so, they claimed in the broadcast that…

  • Tory councils collect bins regularly.

But Labour says: Collections in Trafford, when under Tory control, went from weekly to fortnightly.

  • Tory councils recycle more.

But Labour says: Funding for recycling in Dover has been cut in half.

  • Tory councils are building homes.

But Labour says: Labour councils build 83% more affordable homes than Tory councils.

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