Sunday shows: Gwynne and Flint on another referendum and no Brexit

Sienna Rodgers

Ridge on Sunday

Andrew Gwynne described the police being called to Boris Johnson’s home as a “public interest” matter and said another referendum was a “difficult message” for voters in Leave seats but suggested the move towards supporting a public vote was necessary under the next Prime Minister.

  • Asked whether the police being called to Boris Johnson’s flat is a “cause for concern” or a “private matter”, he said: “In one sense of course it is a private matter but when you’re running for public office, when you are wanting to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, then these matters are in the public interest and I’ve long held the view that Boris Johnson is unsuitable to be Prime Minister of this country.”
  • On another referendum: “It’s an incredibly difficult message […] We are not going to get Labour’s Brexit deal presented by PM Johnson or PM Hunt and so the realisation is that whatever they come back to parliament with between now and October, we have to go back to the people and we have to say, ‘is this really the Brexit that you want?’.”
  • On whether Labour would drop the Capital Gains Tax exemption on family homes (according to Mail on Sunday report): “No… There are some interesting ideas in that report [Land for the Many] but none of it forms Labour policy.”

The Andrew Marr Show

David Miliband warned of the dangers of a US/Iran war and criticised Labour’s Brexit position.

  • On the American/Iranian attacks: “We should be very worried about the real prospect of a hot war between Iran and the United States… I don’t want to make people choke on their cornflakes, but we’re relying on the caution of President Trump to keep the hawks at bay in his own administration.”
  • On Brexit and the European elections: “In the end we’re in this mess because each party has tried to calculate what to do about Brexit according to internal party politics… I’m one of the few Labour Party members, I think, who actually voted Labour in the European election campaign.”

Caroline Flint discussed Brexit, particularly the letter signed by 26 Labour MPs that expressed opposition to a public vote/Remain stance, and said she would not vote to revoke Article 50 under any circumstances.

  • On losing seats to the Brexit Party: “One of the polls suggest it’s something like 40 plus… And this isn’t just about, you know, electoral advantage; this is actually going to the heart of what the Labour Party is about. If we do not speak for the working-class voices of Britain, what’s the point of the Labour Party?”
  • On the anti-PV letter: “I think those people who signed the letter would like to still have the opportunity to vote on a deal.”
  • On the number of Labour MPs who would vote for a deal next time: “I think it will go up, but you know, I’ve been through this situation many times before… I am still optimistic and hopeful that parliament will do the job.”
  • No deal exit or no Brexit? “I won’t be voting to revoke Article 50.” So that means a no deal Brexit if that’s what has to happen? “If that is where we end up, that is where I will be.”

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