Full list: Labour’s London Assembly selection candidates

Sienna Rodgers

The full list of Labour members seeking to be candidates in the London Assembly 2020 elections has been obtained by LabourList.

Below is the complete list, with names under the vacant seat that each person is interested in. Some are also interested in standing for the London-wide list, which is indicated.

At the bottom, there is a list of those only seeking to be candidates on the London-wide list, rather than a specific constituency.

The frontrunners in Barnet and Camden are thought to be Momentum-backed Faduma Hassan against Corbynsceptic-favoured Miriam Mirwitch and Anne Clarke, though Sagal Abdi-Wali has received the endorsement of Keir Starmer.

In Brent and Harrow, Momentum-backed Aghileh Djafari-Marbini is the one to watch. Former London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi is also seeking selection.

Journalist and activist Rowenna Davis, who stood in the marginal parliamentary seat of Southampton Itchen in 2015, is interested in Croydon and Sutton.

In the North East, Labour national executive committee (NEC) member Claudia Webbe is the left’s choice, while Val Bossman-Quarshie from Jeremy Corbyn’s seat is thought to be the main opposition.

Further details on the selection contest will be published by LabourList soon.

Barnet and Camden

Sagal Abdi-Wali
Anne Clarke
Faduma Hassan
Fleur Donnelly-Jackson (and London-wide)
Marion Sharples (and London-wide)
Miriam Mirwitch
Saima Amin (and London-wide)
Yasemin Brett (and London-wide)

Bexley and Bromley

Joe Cobham (and London-wide)
Peter Baker (and London-wide)
Stefano Borella
Sunny Lambe (and London-wide)

Brent and Harrow

Agha Hasan (and London-wide)
Aghileh Djafari-Marbini
Ajay Maru (and London-wide)
Barney O’Connor (and London-wide)
Bassam Mahfouz (and London-wide)
Bevan Powell (and London-wide)
Brahma Mihir Mohanty (and London-wide)
Dalvir Kaur
Karanvir Dhadwal (and London-wide)
Kareema Marikar
Kevin Nugent (and London-wide)
Krupesh Hirani (and London-wide)
Mike Odumosu (and London-wide)
Murad Qureshi (and London-wide)
Neeraj Patil (and London-wide)

Croydon and Sutton

Dora Dixon-Fyle
Patsy Cummings
Rowenna Davis

Havering and Redbridge

Andrew Achilleos (and London-wide)
Beverley Brewer (and London-wide)
Bob Littlewood
Douglas Beattie (and London-wide)
James Beckles (and London-wide)
James Ogungbose (and London-wide)
Jose Alexander (and London-wide)
Judith Garfield
Karunakaran Thekkeppurayil (and London-wide)
Leroy Logan
Liaquat Ali
Nazir Ahmed (and London-wide)
Sanu Miah (and London-wide)
Tahir Mirza (and London-wide)
Vanisha Solanki

North East

Claudia Webbe
Elizabeth Baptiste
Hather Ali (and London-wide)
Juliana Amaa (and London-wide)
Mandy Richards (Labour’s NEC decided not to let MR proceed to the next stage.)
Rakhia Ismail (and London-wide)
Sem Moema (and London-wide)
Soraya Adejare (and London-wide)
Valerie Bossman-Quarshie (and London-wide)
Yemi Osho (and London-wide)

South West

Candice Atterton (and London-wide)
Clara Widdison (and London-wide)
David Waller
Martin Langley (and London-wide)
Sandra Keen
Tom Bruce (and London-wide)
Vickram Grewal (and London-wide)

West Central

Rita Begum (and London-wide)
Sophie Charman-Blower (and London-wide)
Fiona Smith (and London-wide)

London-wide only

Abdul Abdullahi
Ade Adeshina
Marina Ahmad
Callum Anderson
Ahmad Aslam
Elly Baker
Mo Bakhtiar
Basita Bundu
Tom Copley
Stavros Marangos
Clayeon McKenzie
George Minnah
Paul Mollitt
Jay Morton
Placida Ojinnaka
Ripon Ray
Edwin Senjobe
Mohammed Bazeer Seyed
Sakina Sheikh
Preston Tabois
Bill Williams
Liam Young

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