The rule changes passed and rejected by Labour conference 2019

At conference this morning, the results of card votes on the national executive committee (NEC) and constituency labour party (CLP) rule changes were announced.

Below are the full results.

Card vote 1 (NEC) – Multiple Constituency CLPs – 95.52% for, 4.48% against – CARRIED

Allows the arrangement of multiple constituency CLPs with the approval of the NEC.

Card vote 2 (NEC) – BME Representation in Selections – 97.26% for, 2.74% against – CARRIED

Seeks to rectify minority under-representation by designating BAME representation priority selections with a fixed minimum number of places reserved on shortlists for BAME candidates.

Card vote 3 (NEC) – CLP Officers – 96.91% for, 3.09% against – CARRIED

Sets out CLP officer roles, and mandates the required quota for women officers.

Card vote 4 (NEC) – Local Government Committees – 81.47% for, 18.53% against – CARRIED

Changes local campaign forums (LCFs) to local government committees (LGCs). Introduces a delegate structure of Labour group, CLP and trade union representatives.

Card vote 5 (NEC) – Labour Groups – 84.01% for, 15.99% against – CARRIED

Allows group members to participate in meetings remotely and gives the NEC the power to require a direct election of the group leader.

Card vote 6 (NEC) – Disciplinary Powers – 72.54% for, 27.46% against – CARRIED

Increases the NEC’s powers over the disciplinary process, including expulsion, determining appeals and amending disciplinary guidelines. Also mandates that some decisions made by the national constitutional committee (NCC) are submitted to the NEC for a final decision.

Card vote 7 (NEC) – Democracy Review Implementation – 97.29% for, 2.71% against – CARRIED

Updates references to 2018 and 2019 to 2020.

Card vote 8 – Devolved Cornish Labour Party – 14.58% for, 85.42% against – NOT CARRIED

Establish a devolved Cornish Labour Party, with an independent conference, policy process and staff.

Card vote 9 – Aims and Values – 28.47% for, 71.53% against – NOT CARRIED

Re-introduces the old Clause IV.

Card vote 19 – Aims and Values – 31.42% for, 68.58% against – NOT CARRIED

Re-introduces the old Clause IV.

Card vote 27 – Election of Labour group leaders – 25.43% for, 74.57% against – NOT CARRIED

Electing Labour groups with a council majority via an electoral college of local members and affiliated trade unions, with both groups weighted 50%:50%.

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