Johnson’s deal “worse than Theresa May’s deal”, says Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has said that the new Brexit deal being offered by Boris Johnson to the EU is “worse than Theresa May’s deal”.

The Labour leader said: “I can’t see it getting the support that he thinks it will get, and it will take us into a regime in Britain of deregulation, of undercutting, and I think will also undermine the Good Friday Agreement.”

On the specifics of the new deal, Corbyn added: “What’s worse is particularly the section on Northern Ireland, which is very unspecific on how the Good Friday Agreement can be upheld within the terms of the letter he has sent.

“But also much worse is the specific intention to deregulate alongside Europe, whereas in fact when we were negotiating with Theresa May’s government they did agree to some degree of regulation.”

Corbyn has shared his view that the Prime Minister’s behaviour and language over the past few weeks indicate a preference for no deal. He said Johnson should explain his proposals and answer questions in the Commons on Thursday.

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