WATCH: Sarah Jones defends Labour’s Brexit position on Question Time

Sarah Jones, Labour MP and shadow housing minister, launched a defence of Labour’s Brexit position on BBC’s Question Time last night.

Jones said: “Labour’s position is not a soundbite. It is not easy to explain. It has its difficulties. The point is, it is honest.” Jones’ response was met with roars of laughter from the audience and fellow guests. Commenting on the audience’s reaction, the MP for Croydon Central said: “I understand – of course I do – because we’re divided.”

Jones added: “Labour’s position is firstly to stop no deal because the Yellowhammer document tells us the deep damage that will do. That’s why we passed a law. I mean it’s ridiculous we’re in this position where we’re even contemplating the fact that the Prime Minister might break that law, but we must stop no deal.

“Then we want to negotiate a deal which has a closer alignment with Europe, which protects jobs, which protects the Good Friday Agreement, and we want to put that back to the people.

“But the most important thing is to try and dial this down so we’re not fighting each other, because the prize at the end of this is a country that comes together and goes ‘we’ve agreed—we’ve agreed a way forward’.”

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