“It’s Time for Real Change”: Labour’s new campaign bus

LabourList’s mock-up of the new campaign bus

Jeremy Corbyn will unveil Labour’s new campaign bus in Liverpool on Thursday – and it is expected to be emblazoned with the slogan “It’s Time for Real Change”.

The Labour leader is set to reveal the message at Liverpool’s North Docks, where he will be joined by John McDonnell who is delivering a big campaign speech in the city.

The first trip on the bus will be to Rossendale and Darwen, a Tory-held target seat, taking Corbyn to a member mobilisation event before going on to a barnstorming rally in Manchester.

Over the next five weeks of the election campaign, Labour’s bus will be making stops at dozens of marginal constituencies as the Labour leader takes the fight to the Tories.

Commenting on the news, Corbyn said: “This campaign bus will take the message of real change to every corner of the UK. Labour will deliver the real change Britain needs, so that no one is held back and no community left behind.

“This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country and take on the vested interests holding people back. The future is ours to make. It’s time for real change – for the many, not the few.”

2017 Labour campaign bus

So-called ‘battle buses’ first started appearing in the UK during the 1970s. At the last election, Labour’s campaign bus displayed the slogan “for the many, not the few” and in 2015 Harriet Harman toured the country in a pink bus as part of her “Woman-to-Woman” campaign.

The Liberal Democrats have already revealed the first battle bus of the 2019 election campaign. Along with the words “Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats”, it shows a very large photo of their party leader.

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