Scottish Labour manifesto: “Real change – for the many, not the few”

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Scottish Labour has launched its manifesto, called “Real Change – For The Many Not The Few”, ahead of the general election on December 12th.

Richard Leonard introduced the manifesto in Glasgow this morning, which sets out how Labour would tackle the big social, economic and environmental challenges facing Scotland.

The manifesto runs to a total of 101 pages. Here are some of the key pledges:

  • Invest an additional £100bn in Scotland over two terms.
  • Provide £20bn for the Scottish National Investment Bank.
  • Build 120,000 social and council homes, creating 50,000 jobs.
  • Invest £6bn to upgrade almost all of Scotland’s 2.6 million homes to the highest energy efficiency standards.
  • Raise the living wage to £10 an hour – a pay rise for 700,000 people in Scotland.
  • Provide free school meals for all primary and secondary school children.
  • Introduce a minimum student income.
  • Introduce free bus travel for those under the age of 25.
  • Give an additional £2bn in health funding.
  • Provide a 25% increase in funding for social care, amounting to £600m a year.

The document also outlines Labour’s Brexit policy: secure a new deal and put it to a legally binding referendum within six months.

Although UK Labour’s manifesto, released on Thursday, specified that the Welsh Labour government would campaign for Remain in the referendum, Scottish Labour’s position was absent. The Scottish Labour manifesto clarifies that it would also campaign for Remain.

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