WATCH: PM stumped by “how are you relatable” question

The Prime Minister was stumped this morning when asked by a BBC presenter in what way he was relatable to the general public.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast, Boris Johnson was asked by Naga Munchetty: “Why are you relatable to families up and down and across the country? How can they relate to you and your family?”

He replied: “I, I think that, er, the best answer I can give is that, I, I, of course I’ve been, er, I’ve had a very happy and wonderful life in many, many ways.

The Prime Minister continued: “I was the beneficiary of – my parents gave me fantastic opportunities. They brought me up to, er, be very intellectually…”

Later, he added: “If you ask me why am I relatable… Am I relatable? I’ve not the faintest idea. It seems to me the most difficult psychological question anybody has ever asked me.”

Reacting to the clip, GMB union quoted Pulp’s Common People: “He will never understand. How it feels to live your life. He’ll never live like common people. He’ll never do whatever common people do.”

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