John McDonnell set to join Momentum post-election planning call

Labour left network Momentum is set to host a conference call with John McDonnell on Sunday evening in a bid to kick-start the reflection process following the general election.

In an email to Momentum members, the communications team revealed that they had been “working through the night to make sure our movement has a plan to reflect and grow stronger over the next few months”.

At 9pm on Sunday, the Shadow Chancellor will join a call that is open not just to Momentum members but everyone in the Labour Party and outside of it. 1,000 people signed up to the online meeting within four hours.

The email reads: “Things feel bad this weekend. But what we need to do now is come together, reflect on what’s happened, and start planning for the future.

“We’ve built an incredible movement during this election campaign. Now let’s harness that energy and make sure our movement grows even stronger.”

Video conference calls using the American tool ‘Zoom’ were held regularly by Momentum and the Labour Party during the election campaign to inform members of strategy and share activist tips.

Anyone “who is feeling really down because of what happened and wants to come together and move forwards”, LabourList has been told, can register for the post-election call via a link.

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