WATCH: PM branded “disgrace” over A&E chaos reaction

The Prime Minister has been called a “disgrace” over his reaction to being confronted with evidence of NHS hospital chaos today.

When urged by an ITV journalist to look at a photo showing a four-year-old with suspected pneumonia being forced to sleep on the floor in a hospital room, Boris Johnson refused.

He then pocketed the journalist’s mobile phone. The reporter said: “You refused to look at the photo. You’ve taken my phone and put it in your pocket, Prime Minister.”

When the boy named Jack was rushed to Leeds hospital by ambulance last week, he was left in a clinical treatment room for over four hours and had to sleep on a pile of coats on the floor due to a lack of beds.

After going through the harrowing experience, Jack’s mum Sarah has said she will now vote Labour for the first time in her life, according to an exclusive report by The Mirror.

Labour’s health spokesperson Jon Ashworth described the incident as “a new low for Boris Johnson”, adding: “It’s clear he could not care less. Don’t give this disgrace of a man five more years of driving our NHS into the ground. Sick toddlers like Jack deserve so much better.”

Angela Rayner said: “Utter disgrace, Boris Johnson grabs Journalists mobile and puts it in his pocket when confronted about the little 4 year old boy with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on pile of coats on floor of Leeds hospital. Do you really want this man running the country for next 5 years?”

Andrew Gwynne, a shadow cabinet member and Labour’s national campaign coordinator, tweeted in response: “THIS the real Boris Johnson. He just doesn’t give a sh*t about anybody but himself.”

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