WATCH: Thornberry accuses Long-Bailey of silence on antisemitism

Emily Thornberry accused leadership rival Rebecca Long-Bailey of being silent on antisemitism in the most striking moment of the first televised debate on Wednesday evening.

During the BBC Newsnight hustings, Keir Starmer said: “The idea that we haven’t spoken out is not actually accurate. So we just need to correct the record there.”

Thornberry replied: “It ought to be said that Keir and I were both in the shadow cabinet and would regularly, the two of us, call for regular reports to the shadow cabinet to find out…”

Asked whether she was saying “Rebecca didn’t”, the Shadow Foreign Secretary said: “No, I don’t think Rebecca did, but Keir and I did.”

Long-Bailey then interjected: “Er, Rebecca did, I think you’ll find.” With a smile, Thornberry concluded: “Sorry, I don’t remember.”

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