Scientists for Labour call for “stronger action” from government in Covid-19 report

Scientists for Labour have published a report on the coronavirus pandemic, in which they highlight issues for both the government and Labour to consider, and call on the government to take “stronger action”.

Published by the Labour-affiliated organisation today, the document argues for actions that the authors feel should be taken, as well as outlining “key considerations” for the scientific community when those actions are taken.

The report highlights research that shows that the NHS is “almost certain” to exceed its critical capacity, and calls on the government to make personal protective equipment is readily available to health workers.

It also stated that the UK’s response to the coronavirus should be informed by international action, and that all models and data used by the government needs to be made public to aid effective communication.

In the report’s concluding remarks, Scientists for Labour make the case that the following areas “require public focus”:

  • Ensuring continuity of COVID-19 related scientific research during any of the suppression measures taken;
  • Ensuring clear communication of the scientific basis of any governmental action;
  • Preventing the NHS from exceeding its critical care capacity;
  • Learning lessons from the steps taken internationally;
  • Protecting the mental health of people forced to self-isolate;
  • Continuing the education of children during school closures;
  • Ensuring the most vulnerable in society do not bear the brunt of this crisis; and
  • Protecting human rights and individual freedoms.

There are currently 6,650 recorded cases of coronavirus in the UK, with the highest number found in London at 2,433 followed by the Midlands with 808 cases.

Following a meeting of COBRA last night, the Prime Minister told people that they must “stay at home” and can face a fine for not doing so. There are only a limited number of reasons for which people are allowed out of their house.

Scientists for Labour is a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party, and its members include supporters of the party who are involved in science and technology in the UK. Their full coronavirus report can be found here.

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