WATCH: “My voice will not be stilled,” says Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs

Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn declared that his voice would “not be stilled” during his final session of Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Boris Johnson began PMQs by paying tribute to Corbyn, whom he said had done “a very difficult job”, adding: “No-one can doubt his sincerity and his determination to build a better society.”

Corbyn replied: “I believe in a decent, socially just society. And he was talking as though this was a sort of obituary. Just to let him know: my voice will not be stilled.

“I’ll be around. I’ll be campaigning. I’ll be arguing. And I’ll be demanding justice for the people of this country – and indeed the rest of the world.”

The House of Commons is seeing a special ‘double’ PMQs session held this afternoon, to allow further scrutiny of the government and for MPs to be able to physically distance themselves from one another.

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