WATCH: PM confirms introduction of protections for renters from eviction

The Prime Minister confirmed that there would be legislation to protect renters from eviction due to coronavirus when Jeremy Corbyn raised the subject at PMQs today.

The Labour leader said: “Yesterday, the Chancellor unfortunately offered nothing to the 20 million people living in rented homes, including the three million households with children.

“They’re worried, they’re worried sick that they can’t pay their rent if they get ill, lose pay or feel they need to self-isolate.

“It is in the interest of public health – the health of all of us – that people don’t feel forced to go to work in order to avoid eviction when they know themselves they may be spreading this terrible disease.

“Will the Prime Minister now confirm that the government’s emergency legislation will protect private renters from eviction?”

Boris Johnson replied: “I can indeed confirm that we will be bringing forward legislation to protect private renters from eviction.”

The Prime Minister added: “But it is also important as we legislate that we do not simply pass on the problems, so we’ll also be taking steps to protect other actors in the economy.”

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