WATCH: “Has the government learnt nothing from Windrush?” asks Tan Dhesi

Labour’s shadow minister Tan Dhesi has compared the government’s treatment of UK residents stranded abroad to that of the Windrush generation.

The new member of Labour’s transport team said: “These individuals who came to the UK, and some have been living here for decades, they have lived, worked and paid taxes here.

“They have made an immense contribution to our community and our society. And… they have gone on holiday and deserve to be brought back.

“Has the government learnt nothing from the Windrush scandal?” he concluded. Asked whether this was “another Windrush”, Dhesi replied: “In essence, yes.”

The BBC spoke to an NHS surgeon in Plymouth whose wife and children “will not – at the moment anyway – be brought back by the Foreign Office because they’re non-British UK residents”.

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