“Our 1945 moment” – new general secretary David Evans emails members

Labour’s new general secretary David Evans has emailed all Labour Party members this morning, on his first day in the job, setting out his key priorities in the role amid the coronavirus crisis.

Below is the full text of the email from David Evans to Labour members.

An honour and a privilege

On my first day in the job, I wanted to say what an honour and a privilege it is to have been appointed general secretary of the Labour Party. My job is to ensure that the party is run in the most effective and efficient way for our members. I’ll support our representatives nationally, regionally and locally to make our case.

I am a former branch and constituency secretary, councillor and I have campaigned for Labour for over 40 years. I know that the party is built from the bottom up. Our members give us the power to win.

None of us could have anticipated the circumstances created by the pandemic, and I think our party has shown great leadership through Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner and their parliamentary team, through our local councils and councillors and through thousands of members up and down the country who have been reaching out to help those in need.

It has been our party at its very best. Labour values in action.

Our task is a big one, but I am convinced we are up to it.

As we slowly emerge from lockdown, facing the prospect of an imminent recession, we approach a moment of unprecedented national importance. Only together, with the entire strength of our movement, can we rise to the challenge.

I said at my interview for this job that it could be our 1945 moment. A set of bold Labour policies that square up to the devastation the Tories have wreaked, and great support for our local campaigns from a first-class professional team really could capture the imagination and support of the country.

Finally, and importantly, we need to be a party that is fully inclusive, trusted and representative of our country at every level. Making this happen is a key priority for me.

David Evans
General Secretary

PS It has been difficult for us to campaign under the restrictions of the pandemic, but why not think about asking someone you know to join the party today?

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