WATCH: Government’s approach to China is “deeply confused”, says Labour

Elliot Chappell

Lisa Nandy has said the approach of the government towards China has been “deeply confused”, and warned that it has been “going after China for its investment without regard to the consequences for national security”.

In the interview with BBC News this afternoon, the Shadow Foreign Secretary highlighted several high-profile examples of Chinese investment – including the role of company Huawei in the UK’s 5G network.

Nandy said that these projects, combined with the measures announced by the Prime Minister today, amounts to a “really confusing” approach and called on the government to mark the start of a “new era in our relations with China”.

She said: “On the one hand you have these very tough measures that the Prime Minister has announced today, but on the other hand they’ve given a Chinese company Huawei a major role in our 5G network.”

She added that the government is “pressing ahead with nuclear power projects like Bradwell that will give the Chinese government significant access to our nuclear system and our energy system”.

Nandy later tweeted that the UK needs to “develop home grown alternatives, a proper assessment of the national security implications and maintain constructive engagement with China as part of a more strategic approach”.

Earlier today, the Shadow Foreign Secretary welcomed the parliamentary statement by Dominic Raab confirming that the government would be offering citizenship to British nationals in Hong Kong.

He confirmed the offer of a “bespoke” visa route for British nationals, which was touted earlier this month by the government. The plan would effect an estimated 2.9 million people living in the city.

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