Labour activists urge Starmer to back ‘right to stay’ for EU citizens campaign

Sienna Rodgers
© UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

Labour activists have urged new leader Keir Starmer to back the cross-party campaign in favour of European Union citizens already living in the UK to be given a guaranteed ‘right to stay’ after June 2021.

Organised by the Labour Campaign for Free Movement group, a letter to the Labour leader signed by over 700 Labour members warns that many EU citizens will soon have their right to be in the UK revoked.

Under the current government programme, anyone now living in the UK who is an EU citizen must apply to the ‘EU settlement scheme’ before June 30th next year in order to continue legally living in the country.

The scheme has been controversial because it makes people who have lived in the UK for many years, including those married to someone British, jump through hoops to stay, and the process can be complicated.

Opposition parties other than Labour – the SNP, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, Greens and the SDLP – joined together last week to call on the government to introduce a ‘right to stay’ that would replace the scheme.

Representatives of those parties wrote to the Prime Minister urging him to protect the rights of over three million European citizens and arguing that flaws in the scheme have been exacerbated by coronavirus.

The SNP’s Ian Blackford warned that without change “many people risk falling through the cracks”, while the Greens’ Caroline Lucas said that allowing any EU citizen living in the UK to lose their right to stay “should fill us with shame”.

Alena Ivanova, a Labour activist and Another Europe is Possible organiser, said: “While the Home Office paints a rosy picture of the success of the Settlement scheme, there are still millions at risk of losing their rights in the coming years.

“A system that asks you to apply to stay in your home – in some cases twice – is not what European nationals were promised. Even if we assume that 98% or 99% of them apply successfully, that would still mean tens of thousands of people facing deportation from the place they have made their home.

“Since coronavirus struck, we have had a plethora of reports of new issues which simply cannot be overcome in time – from a lack of awareness and support in the application process to periods of absence from the UK during the crisis. It’s time for the Home Office to re-assess the scheme and grant automatic status to all.”

Hundreds of Labour members have now told Starmer: “We are therefore disappointed that Labour has not yet signed up to support an automatic right to stay for EU citizens currently living in the UK. As Labour members and supporters, we call on you to make a public commitment to supporting this as soon as possible.”

Below is the letter and full list of signatories.

Dear Keir,

As it stands, many EU citizens who have made their home in this country will lose their status from June 2021. Without a guaranteed right to stay, millions of people are being forced to go through an application process which could turn them down. Even assuming a 99% application rate and success rate, tens of thousands of the more than three million European citizens living in the UK will become illegal. And many of those receiving status are being granted pre-settled status, which is not permanent.

Coronavirus has compounded the situation, with both the application process and support measures disrupted. The government has not even stated clearly that absences during the crisis will not count against applicants. Boris Johnson has stood on the steps of Number 10 applauding nurses, carers, shop assistants and agricultural workers whom his government has every intention of stripping of their status.

On Sunday 6th September, representatives of five opposition parties came together to sign an open letter calling on the government to replace the Settled Status application process with a guaranteed ‘right to stay’ written into primary legislation. In your leadership campaign, you promised not only to stand up for the rights of EU citizens living here already, but to support continued free movement and enhanced rights for migrants after Brexit.

We are therefore disappointed that Labour has not yet signed up to support an automatic right to stay for EU citizens currently living in the UK. As Labour members and supporters, we call on you to make a public commitment to supporting this as soon as possible.


Ian Hodson, Blackpool north, BFAWU National President
Alena Ivanova, Bethnal Green and Bow
Ben Towse, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, co-founder, Labour Campaign for Free Movement
Ana Oppenheim, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, co-founder, Labour Campaign for Free Movement and Momentum NCG member
Julie Ward, NW Durham, Former MEP
Abbie Clark, Stevenage, Momentum NCG Member
Jonny Roberts, Newbury, Chair, Newbury and 2019 parliamentary candidate for Wantage
Laura Parker, International
Solma Ahmed, Harwich and North Essex, Momentum NCG Member
Arielle Bennett-Lovell, Stevenage, Vice Chair Membership
Josh Lovell, Stevenage, Cambridge UCU member, Herts County Councillor
Marcus Thorne, Lewisham Deptford, GC Delegate
Emma Jones, Oxford West & Abingdon, Co-Chair Abingdon Labour
Nicole Obidowski, Lewisham Deptford
Michael Chessum, Streatham
Carl Marten, Tonbridge and Malling, Secretary on behalf of Tonbridge and Malling
Lauren Harrison, Penrith and the Border
Tony Mobbs, Northampton
Caroline Hering, North Islington
Isra Choudhury, Poplar and Limehouse
Jennifer Akdemir, Bath Somerset
Daniel Nichols, Romford, Political Officer
Carole Westbrook, Southampton Itchen
Julius Odoh, Greenwich
Charmaine Wombwell, Hayes and Harlington
Steve Strong, Bristol South
Denis Buckley, Tonbridge and Malling
Mike Hirst, Mid Norfolk
Robert Courtney, Dartford
Joe Anderson, Croydon Central
Roz Kaveney, Hackney South and Shoreditch
Nadia Amara, Chingford & Woodford Green, Ethnic Minority Officer
Kwee Matheson, Bury St Edmunds
Mike Young, Portsmouth South
Nicola Saunders, Worsley & Eccles South
Laura Schwartz, Lewisham and Deptford, Women’s officer, Brockley Labour Party
Jo Wilkinson, Hexham
Julian Wilson, Tonbridge and Malling, Chair
Lee Saunders, Worsley and Eccles South
Lorna Hicks, Oxford East
Steve Doone, Colchester
Mark Drew, Warrington South
Richard Rippin, Cambridge
Richard Banks, South Dorset
Diane Murray, Ealing north
David Irvine, Glasgow South West
Catherine Bacon, Liverpool Wavertree
Dr Paul Tanto, Twickenham
Anna Lilley, East Hampshire
Alison Rawles, Glasgow North
Kathleen Allen, Blackley and Brroughton
Rebecka Fowler, North east Cambridgeshire
Jerry Elsmore, Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough
John Tressillian, Manchester
Daniel Brown, Workington
Peter Hampson, Brentwood and Ongar
Anna Pollert, Warwick and Leamington
Alan Gwynn, Maidenhead
John Gaskell, SW Surrey
Paula Johnson, Bristol North West
Dr Neil Wigglesworth, Lewisham West and Penge
Wendy Lewis, Caerphilly
Gavin Edwards, Walthamstow
Paul Savill, North Somerset
Alexander Hampson, Brentwood and Ongar
Dermot Christopher O’Connor, Wyre Forest
Joanne Simpson, Kingston-Upon-Hull
Marilyn Solomon, Greenwich
Adetayo Solomon, Greenwich
John Henry, Wrexham, Membship Sec
Jamie Garton, North West Leicestershire
Anne Greenslade, Labour International
Andrew Dickie, Norwich North
Paula Mitchell, Bristol South
Terry Walker, Brighton Pavilion
Peter Trewhitt, Derbyshire Dales
David Rhodes, West Dorset, Treasurer
James William Francis Parmenter, Braintree
Ghazal Haqani, East Ham
Paul Barlow, Hastings & Rye
James Ryder, Labour International (Paris & NE France)
Jacqueline Jones, Workington
Sarah Jones, Milton Keynes
James Craigie, Torridge and West Devon
Alan Jones, Workington
Rebecca Galbraith, Croydon North
Mario Wyn-Jones, Folkestone and Hythe
Brenda Ashton, Wirral South
Hannah Driver, Durham
Leslie Hearn, Holborn & St Pancras
Judith Kahn, Calder Valley
Natalie Loftus, Sheffield Central
Richard Songhurst, Maidstone
Meira Shore, Brent
Miriam Binder, Kemptown and Newhaven
Miriam Beeks, Hackney North
Richard Rawles, Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Mary Noble, Hove and Portslade
John Fisher, Lewes
David Worrall, South West Herts
Dawn B Judd, Preston
Moira Harwood, Royton North
Conor Sewell, Sevenoaks, LCFM Steering Committee member, Sevenoaks social media officer and disabilities officer
Kirsten Forkert, Birmingham Hall Green, Branch chair, Birmingham City University UCU (personal capacity)
Reuben Duffy, Airdrie and Shotts
Andrew Bowie, Cambridge
Ulrike Schmidt, Walthamstow, Vice chair of South Branch
Daniel Whittall, Halifax, Warley ward branch secretary
Paul Horn, Dulwich and West Norwood
Valerie Robertson, Westminster North
E. Rice, Weaver Vale
Andrea Gilbert, Putney, Women’s Officer
Magi Young, Exeter
Carol Westall, Hexham
Konnie Lloyd, Broxtowe
Sarah Kim Bryan, Montgomeryshire, Associate Director of Communication
David Shurlovk, South West Surrey, Branch Secretary Farnham
Jamie McCarthy, South Hackney and Shoreditch
Richard Bartholomew, Labour International South East Asia (Thailand)
Sabine Ebert-Forbes, Keighley, VC Campaigns
Farah Wise, Hammersmith
Andrew Dawn, Derby North
Darren Caudle, Cardiff North
Madeleine Brierley, Bolton West
Mike Payne, Cardiff South & Penarth
Fionna Wire, Lewisham Deptford
Seonaidh (John) Morton, Mid Fife & Glenrothes / Meadhan Fìobha’s Gleann Rathais, Treasurer / Ionmhasair
Timothy Mullen, Stoke-on-Trent South
Jane Kelly, Camberwell & Peckham
Emma Rattenbury, Sheffield Heeley, Membership Secretary Gleadless Valley Branch
Jeremy Lynton, Poplar and Limehouse
Natalie Sedacca, Islington South & Finsbury
Edna Mullen, Stoke-on-Trent South
Lauren Starkey, Hove and Portslade
Michael Yates, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Lyn Prendergast, Bethnal Green and Bow
Gerard McLaughlin, Angus
Syed babur, Glen parva
Roger Cannon, Cardif South & Penarth
Stan Cook, Edinburgh North & Leith, Vice Chair Membership Edinburgh North & Leith
Ian Timpany, Bermondsey & Old Southwark
Katrina Allan, Mid Fife & Glenrothes
Penelope Jones, Bath
Jill Creed Taylor, Hastings and Rye
Lynn Jarvie, Nuneaton and Bedworth
Ray Gerlach, Hastings and Rye
Veronica Bolan, Glasgow East
Philippa Drew, Brentford & Isleworth
Joseph O’Toole, Rugby
Carole Anne Bridge, Labour international
Stephanie Williamson, Lewisham West & Penge
Steve Lee, Ealing Central and Acton
Anna Warrington, Hazel Grove and Marple
Barbara Callender, Battersea
Adam McNamara, Liverpool Riverside
Deeba Syed, Bethnal Green and Bow, Society of Labour Lawyers Executive
Elaine Matuszewski, Guildford
Daniel Key, Bristol East Labour Part
Fran Davies, Carmarthenshire East
Lucy Grig, Edinburgh Southern/Edinburgh South
Justina Kiss, Labour International Netherlands
Howard Ricketts, Stevenage
Dan Davison, Cambridge
Rosy Bremer, Portsmouth South
Mike Cushman, Streatham
Loveday Smith, Labour International (Netherlands)
Stephen Rawles, Glasgow North
Charlotte Smith, SW Hertfordshire, Policy Officer, SW Herts
Peter Duffield, Fermanagh
John Williams, Penzance
Edward Williamson, Chipping Barnet
Pauline Spencer, Wavertree, Independent translator
Colin ODriscoll, Labour International, Vice Chair
Heidy Kempe-Böttcher, Manchester Withington
Owain Gardner, North West Durham, Secretary, Weardale Branch & Executive Member of NWD
Fiona Urquhart, Labour international, Luxembourg branch chair
Mike Cowley, Edinburgh North and Leith, Executive Committee
Nora Casey, Edinburgh Pentlands
C Jane Kaczynski, Edinburgh Southern
Mark Donovan, Cardiff Central
Ric Euteneuer, Stevenage, Executive
John Burgess, Tottenham
Peter, Croydon Fairfield
Nigel Evenden, Dewsbury
Josh Petzoldt, Holborn and St Pancras
Louise Shields, Edinburgh Southern
Nigel Munisamy, Tottenham
Martyn Rush, Oxford East, Cllr
Yvonne Forsey, Devizes
Linda Heiden, Streatham, Women’s Officer
Stuart Lang, North East Fife
Eugene, Wimbledon
Virginia Yates, Cambridge
Pam Wortley, Sunderland Central, Delegate
Yvonne Bruce, Edinburgh North and Leith
Ms Hilary Lawson, brighton
Jeremy Isaacs, Streatham, Chair, Streatham Hill branch Labour Party
Holger Schmidt, Camborne, Redruth
Juliet Schofield, Streatham
Laura Swaffield, Vauxhall
Max Smith, Warwick & Leamington
Christian Brookes, Eastleigh
Jacob Butler, Derbyshire Dales
Mark Whyte, York Central
Cate Tuitt, Bethnal Green and Bow
Mark Findlay, Brighton Pavilion
Penelope Lawson, Cheshire East
Kim Peirce, Reading West
June Turnbull, Sunderland Central
Stan Smith, Broxtowe
Derek Pickard, North Warwickshire
Gareth Glynn, Streatham
Kathleen Hunt, Cannock Chase
Emma Barratt, North Tyneside
Carol Wandt, Plymouth
Sue Mew, Walthamstow
Ian Woolcomb, Bristol South
Sandy Paul, Poplar and Limehouse, Membership Coordinator, EC
Georgina Houston, Harrow West
Stephen Whiting, Stevenage
Jan Donaldson, Vauxhall
Anne Bird, Harrogate
Sacha Marten, Tonbridge and Malling, VC Membership, LGBT+ Officer
Bob Bollen, Twickenham
Peter Gillon, Halifax
Deeba Syed, Bethnal Green and Bow, Society of Labour Lawyers Executive
Shoib Khan, Edinburgh South
Alice König, Fife
Ashley Kennedy, Stoke on Trent North
Derek Pheby, Salisbury
Gary Ironmonger, Streatham
Thomas Gilbert, Islington South & Finsbury
Michael Chanan, Windsor, Professor Emeritus
Margaret Graham, Edinburgh Southern
JE Stone., Bournemouth East
John Cunningham, Chorley, Lancshire
Shaun Green, Labour International
Lynne Fordyce, Leeds Central
Jennifer Wilson, East Dunbartonshire
United Kingdom, norwich south, Chris Meacock
Ruth Gillett, Glasgow Kelvin
Gerard Boyle, SW Surrey, Councillor
Hannah Lane, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Jean Blaylock, Vauxhall
Lezley Marion Cameron, Edinburgh Southern, Councillor
Steffi Walker, Tooting
Tim Beecher, Brighton
David Powell, Crewe and Nantwich
Keith Martin, Finchley and Golders Green, GC
Chris O’Donovan, Harborough
Carolyn Jordin, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Kevin Nicholls, Ludlow, Kevin Nicholls FRCPsych
H Mcdonald, North tyneside
Alistair Greaves, York, Branch Chair
Bob Mouncer, Hull West & Hessle
Lorna Wright, Colchester
A Barbara, Worcester
Peter Nelson, North Hull, Branch Chair
Alan Coles, South Northants
Erica Flint, South Lakes and Lonsdale
Andy Hoskins, Mole Valley
Dr Brigitte Anton, South Belfast
Phil Pemberton, Leeds East
Elizabeth Lewis, Bournemouth East, Councillor BCP
Linda Heiden, Streatham, Women’s Officer
Majid Siadat, Streatham
Anne Lyons, Oxford East
Neil Bell, Manchester Central
Royston Knipe, Broadland
John Fox, Fareham
Jim Moody, Isle of Wight, Ryde Branch Secretary (personal capacity)
Evelyn Murray, Hastings and Rother
Susan Pashkoff, Leyton and Wanstead, Women’s Officer
Georgine Whiting, Stevenage
Anthony Gard, Lewisham Deptford
Anne Marie McCabe, North East Hampshire
Angie Mindel, Nottingham East
Bill Krol, Edinburgh Southern
Barry Errington, Crewe and Nantwich
Peter Green, Hackney North
Margaret Masterman, Boston and Skegnedd
Joan Twelves, Vauxhall
Simon Kane, Camden
Stephen Watts, Horsham,. West Sussex
Richard Taylor, Battersea
Patricia Holgate, Broughton
Vivienne Littlebury, Louth & Horncastle
Mr Terence R Turner, Swansea
Celia Wilson, Wantage, District Councillor, Town Councillor, Vice-chair (membership)
Diane Roome, Poplar and Limehouse
Evaldo Dutra, Barnet
Steven Peart, Tynemouth
Julia Bard, islington North, Branch delegate to GC
Tony Roome, Poplar & Limehouse
Doreen Clifford, Hazel Grove
Jamil Ismaili, Cardiff South & Penarth
Rick Gaehl, Totnes, Secretary, Totnes
Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Oxford West and Abingdon
Peter Gilbert, Pudsey
Karol Florek, Cambridge
Martin Jewitt, Folkestone & Hythe
Alice Bondi, Penrith and the Border
Jenny Secretan, Newcastle Central
Cris Clark, Stevenage
Bern McGowan, Chingford and Woodford Green
Denise Abel, Labour international, Italy and Malta
Philip Jones, Stourbridge
John Stuttle, Vauxhall, Vauxhall TULO, Father of the Unite Chapel at Guardian and Observer
Helen Alipaz, Totnes, Women’s Officer
Celia Stephenson-Bird, Ipswich
Anne-Marie O’Reilly, Lewisham
Chris Kirk, Vauxhall
Dr Angela Rae, Hove
Laurie Butler, Derbyshire Dales
Linda Foster, Brent North
M.Pelfrey, Brentford and Isleworth
Charles Birch, Pudsey
RSJ Briggs, Lewisham Deptford
Claire E. Birch, Pudsey
Nick Levine, Cambridge
Roger Kerfoot, Oldham East & Saddleworth
Chris Jefferies, Bristol West
Gill McCall, Wimbledon
John Gardner, Stevenage
Carmen Williams, Mid Bedfordshire, Women’s Officer
Thomas, Colchester
Mark Catterall, Calder Valley
Nathan Roberts, Wokingham
Jon Clay, Vauxhall
Margaret Knell, Harborough
Ruth Milsom, Sheffield Hallam, Candidate for Crookes & Crosspool ward 2021
Rachel Holland, North Croydon
Philip Arrowsmith, Leicester South
Sally Parrott, Guildford
Steve Furber, Mid Sussex
Alison Rawles, Glasgow North
Patricia Banke, Islington South and Finsbury, Ward Vice Chair
Robert Mitchell, Harborough
Yussef Robinson, North & Leith
Jeffrey Hurford, Ogmore
Jane Smith, North Cornwall
Charlie Hore, Hackney North
Lesley Letts, West Dorset
Patrick Sopp, Mid Beds, Branch Chair
Francis Clegg, Carshalton & Wallington
Levan Tkeshelashvili, West Norfolk
Patrick Sopp, Mid Beds, Branch Chair
Emma Warden, Derby South
Mary Jones, Swansea East
Helen Spriggs, Bethnal Green and Bow, Co-Chair, Unite branch LE1267
James Beckles, West Ham, Councillor
Kevin Tolhurst, Tonbridge and Malling
Holden Mutevera, Hampstead & Kilburn
Andrew Wincott, Selby and Ainsty
Katherine Payne, High Peak
Fraser Robertson, MK South
Mark Bebbington, Bury North, Unite delegate
Valerie Jeffries, Faversham and Mid Kent
Michelle Jose, Truro
As Kam, Battersea
Adrian Yardley, Milton Keynes North
Durah Ashton, Liverpool
Mark Jones, Aldershot
Eric Chipulina, West Suffolk
Ruth Aylett, Edinburgh Southern, Exec member
Ron Cohen, Finchley & Golders Green
Monika Duda, Tower Hamlets
Hayley Griffin, Edinburgh Northern and Leith
Carol Milner, Coventry North West
Klara Kofen, Tooting
Andrew Roberts, Hackney South
Simon Williams, Blackley and Broughton
Marcus Weeks, Hastings & Rye
Lisa Martinez, Southwark
Alison Starkey, Wansbeck
Mary Scott, Rochford and Southend East
Phil Cawston, Brighton Pavilion
Leon Jevons, Cannock Chase
Geoff Ryan, Carmarthen East and Dynefwr
Will Scarnell, Hampstead and Kilburn
C.Neil Thomas, New Forest West
Ann Kramer, Hastings & Rye
Jimmy Kelly, Labour International
Keith Bradbury, Cannock Chase
Clive Hopper, Gower
Benjamin Wrigley, Newcastle North
Charli Langford, Bethnal Green & Bow
Cam, Bethnal Green and Bow
Jenny Mahimbo, Labour International, chair (in a personal capacity)
Stuart Goodman, Finchley & Golders Green
Valerie Bossman-Quarshie, Islington North
Mona Adam, Kensington, BAME Officer
Nigel Harper, Edinburgh Southern, Political Education Officer
Jonathan Paige, Suffolk Coastal
Wendy Stevenson, Congleton
Andrew Nodroum, Labour International
Polly Wicks, Lewisham West & Penge
William Nicholson, Haywards Heath
Malcolm & Linda, Warwick
Ralph Keith Redhead, Southwark
Pete Firmin, Hampstead & Kilburn, chair
Christine d’Avoine, Leeds North East
Jak Webb, Labour International
Ollie Parham, Bristol south, Teacher
Eben Marks, Sheffield Heeley
Niki Gandy, Cannock chase
David Azpiazu Torres, Camberwell and Peckham
Geoff Taylor, Oxford West and Abingdon, Secretary, Kidlington & Yarnton BLP
Nicola Mathers, Waveney, Vice Chair membership
Zulfqar Ali, Bethnal Green & Bow
Mary Crick, Tunbridge Wells
Deborah Hansen, Harborough, Branch Disability officer
Angie Smith, Sheffield Heeley
Puru Miah, Bethnal Green and Bow, Councillor
Keith Jackson, Sheffield Heeley
Anne Amison, Walsall South
Steve Bodswoeth, Northampton South
Chris Rawlinson, Sheffield Hallam
Roisin Dargan-Peel, Rossendale and Darwen
Mr Jonathan Crispin Kaye-Morrell, Norwich South
Michelle Donovan, Garston and Halewood
Graeme Beard, Pontypridd
John Bond, Oxford East, Representative for European matters
Helen Kummer, Totne
Mike Vessey, Chelsea&Fulham, Vice Chair
Kyle Bellamy, Edinburgh Northern and Leith
John Middleton, Riverside, Liverpool
Tony Simpson, Rushcliffe, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
Jeremy Isaacs, Streatham, Chair, Streatham Hill branch Labour Party
Diane Phizacklea, Cannock Chase
Sylvia Cohen, Finchley and Golders Green
Roslyn Gowers, Mid Worcestershire, Secretary
Ian Holton, Bath
Alison Edie, Edinburgh Eastern
John Dunn, Somerton and Frome
Eddie Hornby, Stevenage
Ian Mitchell, Didsbury East
Mike O’Neill, Oxford West and Abingdon
James Barling, Sleaford and North Hykeham
Martin Dewey-Findell, Broxtowe
Valerie Quinn, Mid Bedfordshire, Treasurer
Pete Keenan, Dover
Rona Campbell, Derbyshire Dales
Elaine Hale, Rushcliffe
Anne wake, Derbyshire Dales
Diana Barnes, Easleigh, Hampshire Unison Retired Members’ Section Committee
Ian Townson, Battersea
Rhys Goode, Vauxhall
Peter Johnson, North Ayrshire
Adriana Brinsmead-Stockham, Kingston upon Thames
Roger Creegan, Burnley
Bradley Allsop, Lincoln
Dorothy van Heeswyk, Streatham
Jane Jackson, Twickenham
Dickie Davies, Stockport, Councillor
Jeannette Thomas, Stevenage
James Hignett, Mid Bedfordshire
Catriona Lischka, Vauxhall, Secretary, Ferndale ward
Alison Jose, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Rosalind Austin, Camberwell and Peckham, Womens officer
Paul Kirsch, Ashford
David Harries, Bridgend
Cllr John Paschoud, Lewisham West & Penge
Wendy Sindall, Harborough
Dorothea Jessop, Lewisham West and Penge
Paul Tindall, Kemptown and Peacehaven
Fred Leplat, Finchley & Golders Green
Dave Hill, Brighton Pavilion, Former Labour Group Leader (E.Sx.)
Annie Simon, South Swindon
Valerie Binney, Sheffield Central, Branch Exec 2011 to 2017
Pete Radcliff, Broxtowe
Jeff Salway, Edinburgh Southern
Alex Heslop, Bethnal Green & Bow
Peter Brown, Erith & Thamesmead
Gary de Banke, Nottingham East
Andy Gregg, St Albans
Deborah Knight, Finchley & Golders Green
Linda Hasselmyr, Worcester
Rimone Newman, Bristol West
Lyn Eynon, Cardiff South and Penarth
John Whitney, Norwich South, Labour Party Branch Organiser
Pamela Blakelock, Dulwich and West Norwood, Delegate to GC. Vice chair of branch
Diane Murray, Ealing north
Alfred Gliddon, Kingswood
Patrick Jenkins, Greenwich and Woolwich, LEF Exec Member
Clare Brown, Broxtowe
Graham Arthur Lambert, Broxtowe
Ruth Roberts, Norwich South
Christine McFarlane, Edinburgh North
Stephen Wagg, Leicester South
Margaret Masterman, Boston and Skegness
Tom McCormick, Wrexham, Party member, NASUWT rep
Paul M Prendergast, East Dunbartonshire
Ursula Canton, Glasgow North
Carole Anne Quinn, Rossendale & Darwen
Ruth Ford, Bristol East
David Armstrong, Lichfield
James Ryński-Kelsall, Kemptown
Stephanie Grant, Tottenham
Robin Sivapalan, Brent Central, Secretary, Brent Community branch, Unite the Union
Margaret Hunter, Darlington
Douglas, Newham
Abel Harvie-Clark, Newcastle East
John Murray, Hornsey and Wood Green
Elena Nardi, South Norwich
Gordon Flear, Gorton, Manchester Gorton
Ian Garfield Jones, Skipton & Ripon
Peter Daw, Mid Worcestershire
Liam McQuade, Bethnal Green and Bow, Education officer
Catherine Brereton, Wimbledon
Ken Edwards, Newham
Martin Housden, Hackney South
Gideon Ben-Tovim, Riverside, OBE
Matt Creasey, Stevenage, Stevenage South Branch Secretary
Lorcan Whitehead, Colchester, Borough Councillor, Political Education Officer
Don Flynn, Greenwich & Woolwich
Andy Warren, Lewisham Deptford
Steven Carver, Bethnal Green & Bow
Mary Flannery, Skipton and Ripon
Angus Hebenton, Bolton South East
Theo van de Bilt, Hertford Stortford
Vincent Kehoe, Stretford
Sarah Chapman, Hertford and Stortford, Secretary
Mark Pryke, Ceredigion
Martin Page, Lewisham East
Lesley Whitfield, City of Chester
Dorothy Macedo, Worthing West
Peter Bone, Broxtowe
Rosemary Robinson, Charnwood
Simon Heywood, North East Derbyshire
Janine Brady, Louth and Horncastle
Valerie Chaplin, Portsmouth South, Bremain Council
Patrick Blandford, Taunton Deane
Bruce Robinson, Stockport
Christine Martin, Cannock Chase, Chair & Secretary
Susan Hocking, Mid Worcestershire, Evesham Branch Labour Party Secretary
Susan Dorrell, Tottenham
Claire Shipp, South West Bedfordshire
Eddy Knasel, Bristol West
Mike Eliot, Islington
Jo Hiley, Sheffield Central
Kate Seymour, Colchester
Kai Stuart, Edinburgh Central
Kevin Harrison, South Suffolk
Brian Cantrill, Nottingham East
Vicky Bostock, Surrey
Alan Theasby, Middlesbrough, Chair, Unite Community Tees & Durham branch
Margarida Fawke, Clwyd West
Peter Allan, North Devon
Martin Bailey, Vale of Clwyd
Alan White, Streatham
George Cook, Northampton South
Patrick Mc Fadden, Kensington & Chelsea
Gregg Birch, South Tottenham
Jenny Brown, Hendon, EC officer
Stuart Winstanley, Cardiff North
Catriona Jarvis, Lewisham Deptford
Dave Statham, Forest of Dean
Lawrence Welch, Durham
Wisty Thomas, Wimbledon
Mike Dolan, Weaver Vale
Brian Eadon, Clwyd South, TULO
Janice Kelly, Altrincham and Sale West
Jill Westendorp, West Dorset
Dr Neil Faulkner, St Albans, Archaeologist and Historian
Janine Booth, Lewes
Ingo Marowsky, Streatham, TULO
Chris Allen, Leicester West
Stephen Rodger Benson, Edinburgh Central
James Jackson, Croydon North
Ross McKenzie, Edinburgh Central, Campaign Co-ordinator
Kas Witana, Penistone & Stocksbridge, Political Education Officer
Dr Neil Wigglesworth, Lewisham West and Penge
Pamela Edmondosn, Barrow & Furness
Benjamin Chadwick, Labour International
Glenn Howe, Newcastle East
Mike Coble, Cunninghame South
Michael Wongsam, West Bromwich East
Leslie Lloyd, Staffordshire Moorlands
Steve Ainsworth, Mid Worcestershire, Chair (Acting)
Charles Christopher Gray, Chipping Barnet
M Murphy, Scunthorpe, Sec BLP
Jacqueline Conway, Brent Central
Gerard Burke, MK South
Helen McCabe, Broxtowe
Liz Angus, Swansea
Roland England, Chipping Barnet
Anne-Marie Le Gall, Ynys Môn
Christopher Bright, Camberwell & Peckham
William Gwynfor Robertd, Ynys Môn
Claudia Sorvillo, Wokingham
Grenville Matta, St. Austell
Stanisław Raychell, Bristol North East
Gerard Haresnape, Conwy
Charles Pendlebury, Altrincham and Sale
Gerard Haresnape, Aberconwy
Sarah McAuliffe, Chislehurst
Jenefer Ford, Mid Norfolk
Andrew Blewett, Exeter
Joe Gluza, Cambridge
Irena Paxton, Cardiff South & Penarth
Graham Watson, North Wiltshire
Philip Ward, Sheffield Central, UNISON Member
Naomi Andrews, Rushcliffe
Linda Weatherhead, Crawley
Kourosh Karimi, Worthing
Paul Russell, Shipley
Mazdak Afshar, Merton
Adrian Scandrett, South Northamptonshire
Pauline Di Chiara, Hazel Grove
Patrick Wood, Richmond Park
Richard Moore, Preseli Pembs
Annemieke Waite, North Somerset
Joe Russell, Streatham, Streatham Young Labour Campaigns officer
Michaela Benson, Canterbury
Jill Smith, Edisbury
June Bains, South Shields
Mike Rowley, Oxford East, City Councillor
Nick Chandler, Carshalton & Wallington
John Johnstone Percival, Newcastle East
John Brunton, Hampstead and Kilburn
Nicola Quinn, Poplar and Limehouse, Social Media Officer
Mary Stow, Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush
Sean Conway, Nottingham East
Jeremy Isaacs, Streatham, Chair, Streatham Hill branch Labour Party
Benjamin Hobhouse, Yeovil
Michael O’Hagan, Bristol East
Stefan Lacny, Cambridge
Kristian Ravnkilde, Broxtowe
Cindy Torn, Exeter
Sheila Ravnkilde, Broxtowe
Wendy Harland, Bolton West
Heelah Schoham, Camberwell & Peckham
Valerie Leyland, Broxtowe
Florence Arthur, Burton and Uttoxeter, Sub branch chair Horninglow/Stretton
Debra Smith, Broxtowe
Colin Luker, Totnes, Town Councillor
Dorothy Whittaker, Penistone and Upper Don
Sandra Kig, Newton Abbot
Kayleigh Rippingale, Colchester
Carl Rowlands, Labour International
Davis St Marthe, Lewisham Deptford, Bame officer
Susan Colenso, Truro and Falmouth
Rosemary Waterhouse, West Worcestershire
Helen Russell, Mid Worcestershire
Caroline Powls, Finchley and Golders Green
Sophie Cannivady, Lewisham Deptford
Dave Lewney, East Worthing & Shoreham
Beth Cumming, Edinburgh Central
Stirling Smith, Bolton West
Ben Duncan-Duggal, Dulwich and West Norwood
Sandy Critchley, Bethnal Green and Bow
Mark Pearson, Mid Sussex
Claudia Mooney, Hampshire
Norman Traub, Southend West
Christina Downes, Shipley
Annie Heining, Suffolk
Joan Thomas, Dulwich & West Norwood
Marc Gibson, Rushcliffe, Treasurer
John Castleford, Labour International
Heike Herbert, Dartford
Elizabeth Brenda Worrall, Leicester South
Thomas Mcilhatton, Colchester
Peter Flack, Leicester South, Joint Political Education Officer
David Haslam, Mid Worcs, Evesham Branch Chair
Julie Speed, Louth and Horncastle
Sara Luis de Jesus, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
Deirdre Krymer, Holborn and St. Pancras
William David Johns, Caerphilly
Mark Krymer, Holborn and St. Pancras
Bernard Forbes, Labour International
Anthony Stapleton, Edmonton
Christopher Lucas, Wirral South
Suzanne Martiny, Hove
Keith Williams, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokehire
Mark Hindmarsh, Brighton Kemp Town
Elizabeth Dresner, Finchley and Golders Green
Ruth Fryer, Canterbury
Mary O’Gorman, Hall Green
Jonathan Clive Cooper, Greenwich and Woolwich, Greenwich Momentum organiser and youth rep
Judith Southern, The Cities of London and Westminster
Nicky Bashall, Colne Valley
Chris Batchelor, Sheffield Hallam
Viv Eden, Ceredigion, Women’s Officer
Jacqueline Rust, Sleaford & North Hykeham
Amanda Kent, Ealing Central & Acton
Clare Bickle, Sherwood
Dorothy van Heeswyk, Streatham
Faraz Choudhry, Heeley, Sheffield
Adrienne Thomas, Brighton and Hove
Enrico Soresini, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Lizzie Bird, Westmorland & Lonsdale
Ulrike, Hackney South & Shoreditch
Edward Earl, Orpington
Vijay Jackson, Edinburgh Central CLP, Political Education Officer
Matthew Caddis, Bradford East
Jack Nilsen, Leyton & Wanstead
David Powell, Crewe and Nantwich
Rita Holland, North Croydon
Benjamin Eckford, Newcastle upon Tyne North
Margaret Tennent, Camborne, Redruth and Hayle
Linda Lomax, Louth and Horncastle
Paul Forey, Coventry North West
Jill Pack, Hornsey & Wood Green, Branch Secretary
Nick Maggs, Ipswich
Laurence Connell, Nottingham East
Liam Cosgrove, Newcastle East
Hong Luo, York Central, TSSA Delegate
Neil Cameron, Sheffield Central
John Armour, Gedling
Carole Allison, Reading East
Hazel Waters, Lewisham West and Penge
Nicola Quinn, Poplar and Limehouse, Social Media Officer
Carole Leathwood, Eastbourne
Julie Cross, N E Derbyshire
Peter Stolwoode, Preston North
Anthony Richardson, Oxford East

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