WATCH: Government “irresponsible” not to implement ‘circuit break’, says Labour

Elliot Chappell

Rachel Reeves has declared that the government is acting in an “irresponsible” way not to implement a ‘circuit break’ lockdown across the country to slow the increase in coronavirus cases.

In an interview with Sky News this morning, the Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster told viewers that the government can no longer argue it is ‘following the science’ in its response to the pandemic.

Asked about government reluctance to implement the national Covid measure, Reeves said: “That’s a big mistake… It is irresponsible because back at the beginning the government’s mantra was: ‘We’re following the science.’

“We know now that’s just not the case. And if they haven’t go the anchor of the science, what is their anchor? What is their strategy now?… I don’t know now what the government is being led by. And that’s a very worrying place to be in.”

Starmer called on the government to implement a ‘circuit break’ lockdown on Tuesday evening following reports that ministers ignored advice from experts to implement the nationwide measure to combat the spread of the virus.

Welsh Labour First Minister Mark Drakeford has also declared that his government is considering a ‘circuit break’ lockdown for the devolved nation in an effort to suppress the rising number of coronavirus cases.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies warned the government three weeks ago that the country faced a “very large epidemic with catastrophic consequences” unless it took urgent action and implemented the national measure.

Based on the current rate of growth in infections, SAGE has estimated that there could be as many as 3,000 hospital admissions per day by the end of the month, the same as during the peak of the pandemic in April.

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