Labour slams Boris Johnson over “bumper bonus” for Dominic Cummings

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Angela Rayner has criticised the Prime Minister for awarding Dominic Cummings a 40% “bumper bonus” pay rise despite his rule-breaking and while implementing a real-terms pay cut for millions of public sector workers.

Reacting to the release of a Cabinet Office report detailing £9.6m in costs for 102 special advisers today, Labour’s deputy leader slammed the decision to give Cummings an increase to his salary in excess of £40,000.

The information that emerged this afternoon revealed that the former top aide to Boris Johnson has been paid the equivalent of £140,000-£144,999 this year, representing an increase from £95,000-£99,999 last year.

Rayner said: “Boris Johnson defended Dominic Cummings when he broke lockdown rules – then awarded him a £50,000 pay rise. Yet he’s freezing pay for key workers and refusing to give our care workers a pay rise to the living wage.

“Cummings’ bumper bonus is an insult to key workers denied the pay rise they deserve. It’s another example of how under this government it is one rule for the Tory Party and their friends and another for the rest of us.”

It emerged last month that Cummings was leaving his Downing Street post alongside his ally Lee Cain. Ex-communications chief Cain is paid between £140,000 and £144,999 in 2020, the same as the previous year.

The report also showed that part-time photographer Andrew Parsons is paid the full-time equivalent of £100,000-£104,999 while advisers Sir Edward Lister and Munira Mirza both earn between £140,000 and £144,999.

Top spin doctor Jack Doyle earns between £110,000 and £114,999 and chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost makes between £125,000 and £129,999 according to the figures released by the Cabinet Office. Johnson earns £150,402 as Prime Minister.

Labour accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of taking a “sledgehammer” to confidence in his spending review last month, during which he confirmed the government would be implementing a pay freeze for millions of public sector workers.

Sunak announced in his statement to the House of Commons at the time that reports of a freeze were correct, telling MPs: “I cannot justify a significant across-the-board pay increase for all public sector workers.”

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