Labour left groups release candidate slates for internal Labour elections

Momentum, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and other groups on the left of the party have released their slates of candidates for upcoming internal Labour elections that will determine who sits on three national committees.

The organisations are encouraging party members to nominate their preferred candidates at local constituency meetings, with deadlines approaching on June 11th for the CAC and NCC elections and on May 26th for the NWC.

The CAC is Labour’s conference arrangements committee, which determines the shape of the agenda for the party’s annual conference. Those elected have an important role in deciding the timetable and topics debated.

The NCC is Labour’s national constitutional committee. This is the party’s top disciplinary body, tasked with looking at any complaints that are referred upwards to it by the ruling national executive committee (NEC).

Coming together under the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance, including Momentum, CLPD, the Labour Representation Committee, Jewish Voice for Labour, Red Labour and others, the left groups have lined up their six candidates for the CAC and NCC.

The NWC is a new body: the national women’s committee. Its six members representing local parties, elected by local party delegates at women’s conference, will act as the voice of women within the Labour Party.

Commenting on the endorsements, a Momentum spokesperson said: “These candidates are all committed to party democracy and will oppose any and all attempts to disempower ordinary members.

“There is a majority amongst the membership that wants to build a democratic socialist party. These candidates will support exactly that goal.” Momentum launched a new strategy, Socialist Organising in a New Era, this week.

CLPD, LRC, Red Labour and other groups have come together behind a Grassroots Labour Women slate of five for the NWC election. They are also urging members to support Momentum-backed Solma Ahmed for sixth place.

Momentum is backing three of the five ‘Grassroots Labour Women’ candidates, plus one other, after a deadlock in negotiations. Sources say there will be “no risk of vote splitting” as overall there are six candidates for six NWC spots.

The slates of candidates for the CAC, NCC and NWC being put forward by ‘Labour to Win’, the Progress and Labour First umbrella group supportive of Keir Starmer’s leadership, were unveiled last week.

Conference arrangements committee (CAC)

2 CLP seats (at least one woman to be elected), elected by OMOV, must be nominated by 5 CLPs each.

  • Seema Chandwani (L1187007)

This pandemic is a profound crisis that reveals how our rigged system protects the rich and powerful instead of the vulnerable. That’s why this year’s conference has to be a chance for members to decide on the kind of transformative policy that will shape the recovery so that it works for everyone, not just the billionaires.

Our role as elected members of the CAC is to make sure that members can fully participate in a democratic, sovereign conference that sets the direction of travel for the whole Labour movement.

  • Billy Hayes (A065571)

Democratic debate and discussion are the lifeblood of our movement, and this year’s conference must allow for the fullest possible debate over the future of our party. Myself and Seema will work to make sure that democracy is always protected against any encroachments. Conference is the highest sovereign body within our party, and its decision making ability is central to shaping the policy platform of a democratic socialist Labour Party.

National constitutional committee (NCC)

4 CLP seats (all must be women this year), elected by CLP delegates at Annual Conference, must be nominated by their home CLP.

  • Rheian Davies (L1443442)
  • Anna Dyer (L0081865)
  • Annabelle Harle (A002070)
  • Emine Ibrahim (L0150489)

National women’s committee (NWC)

6 CLP seats, elected by CLP delegates at women’s conference, must be nominated by 5 CLPs or women’s branches each

Momentum slate:

  • Solma Ahmed (B041818)
  • Ekua Bayunu (L1514209)
  • Tricia Duncan (A489847)
  • Chloe Hopkins (L1492882)

Grassroots Labour Women slate:

  • Mandy Clare (L1398270)
  • Pamela Fitzpatrick (A220612)
  • Ekua Bayunu (L1514209)
  • Tricia Duncan (A489847)
  • Chloe Hopkins (L1492882)

The GLW slate – backed by CLPD, Red Labour, Labour Women Leading, LRC, Campaign for Socialism, Welsh Labour Grassroots and others – is encouraging members to also support Momentum national coordinating group member Solma Ahmed for sixth place.

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