Labour calls for bank holiday if England win – and for “sulky Tory” not to watch final

Sienna Rodgers
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Keir Starmer has backed calls for a bank holiday if England wins the Euro 2020 final on Sunday. The Labour leader, an Arsenal fan, season ticket holder and five-a-side player, has told The Mirror: “If we win on Sunday, the country should get the chance to celebrate it properly with an extra bank holiday, granted in the name of the England team. I’ve got a strong feeling, it’s coming home.” There are stories across the papers today about how government officials don’t want to tempt fate but are nonetheless drawing up plans for a day off.

Ahead of the final, Labour has even started an official petition. No, not for the bank holiday, but for a Conservative MP who has been boycotting the matches over players taking the knee to continue missing out. “Sulky Tory MP Lee Anderson hasn’t been cheering England’s heroes like the rest of us because he doesn’t like their simple act of anti-racism. As Anderson was born in 1967 we think maybe he’s been the jinx all along,” it says. (Has the party been looking at jokes on Labour Twitter?)

The petition continues: “Anderson, stay away, do the housework, watch Midsomer Murders, anything. And keep up your pathetic one-man boycott for one more game.” Former Labour councillor Anderson, who was elected as a Tory to Westminster in 2019, says he won’t be watching… but will be checking the score on his phone and cheering. Incredibly, his tantrum just gets more pitiful.

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