WATCH: “We are in favour of common ownership absolutely,” says Ed Miliband

Sienna Rodgers

Ed Miliband, Labour’s Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary, has confirmed that the party remains in favour of common ownership of key industries to facilitate a just transition to a green economy.

Asked whether the Labour leadership will support a motion going to conference that includes energy, water, transport brought into public ownership, Miliband told the BBC: “We’re in favour of common ownership, yeah.

“Keir Starmer said that. Look, there’s always management of these things at conferences, but yeah I can tell you we’re in favour of common ownership, absolutely.”

The Labour frontbencher added: “Wait for the conference, but Keir Starmer said in his leadership campaign he was in favour of public ownership in those areas. We haven’t changed that commitment.

“And why is that? Let me just explain this to you. Because in particular, in relation to natural monopolies, if we’re going to make this green transition, then public ownership is the right way to go. We don’t resile from those commitments.”

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