Exclusive: UK adults support classifying misogyny as a hate crime, poll shows

Exclusive new polling by Savanta ComRes for LabourList has revealed that UK adults are supportive of the move – backed by the Labour Party – to classify misogyny as a hate crime.

Asked to what extent they support or oppose classifying misogyny as a hate crime, a total of 44% of UK adults replied that they support the move, while just 13% expressed opposition and 17% replied that they do not know.

Labour published a green paper on ending violence against women and girls this year, saying: “The Conservatives are failing to protect women and girls from violent criminals, which should be one of the first duties of any government.”

The set of policy proposals advocated by Labour includes making misogyny a hate crime by ensuring, as the party puts it, that “sex or gender are added to protected characteristics for the first time in hate crime laws”.

The change in hate crime law would see all police forces record when crimes are motivated by misogyny, as Nottinghamshire Police started doing in 2016, and would be expected to lead to tougher sentences.

Labour’s green paper notes that “when the link is shown between the crime and the victim’s protected characteristics, judges can hand out enhanced sentences and increase punishment”.

The opposition party has committed to tougher sentences for rape, stalking and domestic murder, reviewing sentencing for all domestic abuse, and introducing whole life tariffs for those who rape, abduct and murder a stranger.

Labour has also unveiled plans for a survivor support package to improve victims’ experience in the courts, including “fast-tracking rape and sexual violence cases, legal help for victims and better training for professionals to give people the help they need”.

To what extent do you support or oppose classifying misogyny as a hate crime?

Strongly support – 22%
Somewhat support – 22%
Neither support nor oppose – 25%
Somewhat oppose – 7%
Strongly oppose – 6%
Don’t know – 17%

Sum: Support – 44%
Sum: Oppose – 13%

Polling by Savanta: ComRes for LabourList. Fieldwork conducted 8th-10th October 2021. Poll of 2,103 adults in the UK.

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