WATCH: Reeves says Sunak needs A-Z for Christmas after geography blunders

Sienna Rodgers

Rishi Sunak urged his opposite number, Labour’s Rachel Reeves, to welcome new money for her constituency by tweeting a graphic after the Budget on Wednesday – but it appears that the Chancellor has got his geography wrong.

“If he wants to invest £20m in Leeds West, I would absolutely welcome it, but that £20m goes to a Tory constituency, not to my constituency, so I’m not exactly sure what the Chancellor wants me to welcome,” Rachel Reeves told ITV.

“I also gather that he is in Bury Market today and referred to it as Burnley Market, so perhaps for Christmas somebody should buy him an A-Z or a constituency map so he can work out where he is in the country… I don’t think he knows his geography too well.”

Labour has highlighted that Sunak referred to “Burnley Market, world-famous Burnley Market” during a BBC interview today when he was actually in the middle of Bury Market, over 20 miles away.

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