Labour braced for by-election

28th December, 2011 10:48 am

According to The Mirror:

“Labour is preparing for a ­lightning by-election after French prosecutors launched a criminal investigation of the Nazi-themed stag do attended by a Tory MP.”

“Deputy chairman Tom Watson is getting the party ready if Aidan Burley is forced to quit if he is charged with “inciting racial hatred and glorifying crimes against humanity” over the do.”

“A party spokesman said: “You’d have to fancy our chances. It’s a real chance to show that we can take seats from the Tories.””

Burley’s majority is just 3,195.

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  • Anonymous

    Marine Le Pen, will be  happy… would be funny if not so ridicules.

  • art77

    unlikely that sitting next to someone dressed as freddy star is illegal – even in france

  • Anyone have any idea about candidates? From a cursory google search, the 2010 Labour candidate was Susan Woodward, a district councillor in neighbouring Lichfield, but she fared badly there in 2010 (Cannock Chase was the largest Labour-to-Tory swing in the country, 14%) and lost a county council election in 2009. Couldn’t find a pre-2010 candidate shortlist.

    Reading a discussion of UK Polling Report, some locals seemed to think it could return to Labour, though the Tories and Labour each gained council seats in 2011, and the LDs held up somewhat better than expected in parts of the area.

    • Louise Blair

      Sue Woodward would be a fantastic candidate, she knows the consultancy and the reason why she lost was because of the money the tories had and the fractions in the local party. that have now been resolved.if she would return, she would get it in again

  • Rob-jones79

    would love Sue to come back but doubt it, i think it still hurts her from last time but she is approachable and personal in her politics. as some from the Cannock Chase area, it would be a safe pair of hands and could help re-establish Labour stronghold there   
    but unfortunately i cant see Sue coming back, unless she is asked by someone senior in the national party, but cant see it :/
    fingers crossed though that she does 🙂

  • If this by-election does take place (and I have my doubts it will), then it will the first real test since the 2010 general election. 

    Given the size of the majority, Labour would have to win it to prove we would be capable of winning the next general election.

  • Anonymous

    As someone for the constituency if Cannock Chase, i would love if Sue Woodward stood as the candidate again. when i met her she was personal, approachable and would work for the people here. i Cant see a by-election happening though but also i dont think Sue would stand again 🙁
    maybe someone from the senior party could try and persuade her to stand  then maybe she could. Alot of local problems happened during the campaign (which have since been resolved) plus Ashcrofts money being pumped into the constituency then it might look like a disastrous from the outside, but with the resources Sue and the team had= it was expected.

    Hope Sue would stand because she with the hard work she would put into Cannock, she would turn the Chase into a Labour majority once again

  • Bob Hastins

    i didnt vote labour last election but i did vote for Susan woodward in the general.

    she be a good mp better than the clown we have got now 

  • David Payne

    doubt there would be a by-election but if there is i would of thought they get the cadidate from the general election???

  • Johnhenry59

    The Tories are really concerned about this issue. They are in complete denial about it as I found out on Conservative Cave (Home) yesterday.

  • It won’t happen. As deplorable as his actions were, he wasn’t the one who dressed up as a Nazi. What he did was distasteful, but not illegal – even under the strictest French law.

    Anybody else disturbed about the increasingly-frequent love shown towards the Nazis by the Tories when they think nobody is looking? Think Oxford Union Tories, linking up with far-right homophobes in Europe, and now Aiden Burley.

    • ThePurpleBooker

      Well actually they have done a criminal investigation into it. What is remarkable is that David Cameron has not expelled him from the whip which is what needs to happen if an MP is breaking the law.

  • Induplastic

    Although insensative – what part of Burley’s observations are innacurate?


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