Scottish Labour Leadership Results

December 17, 2011 2:59 pm

Leadership result:


Deputy Leadership result:






  • Naylabour

    any chance of publishing the actual number of votes?

  • Hamish

    Credit to LabourList for publishing the detailed figures which I have not seen elsewhere.
    (Some of us political geeks are interested in this stuff).
    To me, it is encouraging for Labour that under the curious electoral system, Anas Sarwar won the Deputy Leadership despite the majority of the Affiliates voting for Ian Davidson.
    To be blunt, Anas is tomorrow’s man, and Ian is yesterday’s man.

    • Franwhi

      I’m more than happy it’s not Davidson for depute because he has so much less than pleasant baggage. Anas has no baggage but little experience and is part of the Sarwar dynasty and I feel a bit uneasy about that whole family connections thing. IMO  it’s the Labour equivalent of the internship issue

  • Andrew

    Hamish – agreed, although what would be more interesting would a list of actual votes cast, including a tolat – any chance of seeing that published?

    • wehavenothiingtohideIhope!

      Did anyone get the actual numbers?

  • John Ruddy

    Do you know if there is to be a breakdown of votes per affiliate and CLP, as there was for the UK Leadership elections last year?

    • Hugh Pemberton

      I agree. Much more information was released to support the percentage figures in the UK leadership election: a detailed breakdown by MP/MEP, CLP, and affiliated organisation. It looks bad not to release equivalent data now – Angus Robertson is already tweeting about ‘what have they got to hide’ and
      asking if any journos have the data [].

  • Peter Kenyon

    Dear Andrew

    Good question

    Peter Kenyon
    secretary, Labour Democratic Network


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