Another candidate announces their NEC candidacy

January 8, 2012 5:00 pm

Following on from incumbent Johanna Baxter and the announcement of the Progress/Labour First slate late last year, another candidate has come forward in the race for Labour’s NEC. In a statement sent out earlier today Lewis Atkinson has announced that he plans to stand. You can see that email below:

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing because I’ve decided to run for election to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to represent grassroots Labour members and I’m asking for your support.

I’m running because to win the next general election, I believe we need to harness the skills and energy of all members, in every constituency. From Thanet to Tyneside, I have a strong record of campaigning across the country and if I am elected to the NEC, I’ll make sure that members in every region and nation of the UK have a voice, so we can work together to win.

I work outside politics, in the NHS, and every day my job reminds me of the scale of what we can achieve when Labour is in government. That’s why the NEC’s priority needs to be putting the right organisation and policies in place to win the next election. This is what you can expect me to work for if elected:

  • A relentless focus on campaigning, prioritising support for local members to engage with their communities and take on our opponents;
  • Inclusive policy making to meet future challenges, making sure we are trusted on the economy while advancing social justice;
  • An open party that lives its values, that makes sure we are accessible to and representative of all of the communities we serve
Most of all, if I am elected to the NEC, you can expect me to take time to actively listen to members by getting out to meet local parties across the country and to publicly report back about the decisions the NEC makes.This disgraceful government is failing every part of the country, and our united priority must be its defeat. We can do this by working as a broad Labour movement, bringing the talents of every member, elected representative, trade unionist and socialist society together in common cause.
I hope you and your constituency will consider supporting me. You’ll find lots more information about me and my priorities for the NEC at and you can find me on Twitter @LewisAtkinson.
Best wishes,
Gateshead CLP
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  • John S.

    Good to see an independent, credible sounding candidate standing from outside London / the South East. Works in the NHS too!

  • Catherine CM

    Great to see Lewis standing – and he’s not from London! Too many of the CLP reps live and/or work in London – it really isn’t very representative.


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