PLP Chair to seek Police Commissioner election

February 14, 2012 10:33 am

According to the Manchester Evening News:

“He is the first serious contender to emerge for the new post of police and crime commissioner which will be chosen by the public in November… Announcing his candidacy, veteran Mr Lloyd said he was prepared to take on the new challenge. He said:

“This is a huge change in the way that we do policing.

“As an MP over decades there’s no doubt that crime and fear of crime and people’s sense of security in their homes is central.

“The job will be to ensure that victims come first and we don’t have policing for the community but policing by the community.

“The commissioner has to be the person who listens to the public and talks on their behalf to the police about the priorities of the many different communities across Greater Manchester, as well as taking Greater Manchester’s case to central government at a time of unacceptable cuts to policing.” 


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