‘Olympic missile’ plan was handled in a “cack-handed way” says MP

May 1, 2012 10:27 am

Labour MP Rushanara Ali on plans to place surface-to-air missles on top of a block of residential flats during the Olympics:

  • treborc1

    Two pizza’s for twenty quid, and a set of ground to Air missiles on your roof.

    It takes some believing that these leaflets have come like this, not by knocking on a door and explaining , then again I doubt they are asking.

  • Bill Lockhart

    Might be an idea to search those flats first.

  • https://mikestallard.virtualgallery.com/ Mike Stallard

    Thanks to the Olympics we get this robocop stuff, this immigration fiasco, this inviting the military in with missiles and all this fast lane for VIPs on Olympic Roads. We are turning our little country into South America or Communist Russia.

    The problem is that once introduced, these things turn into a habit.For the government it could be a little like the little first drink alone at 9 a.m. ………..

  • http://twitter.com/robertsjonathan Jonathan Roberts

    There undoubtedly should have been some community meeting – probably held once local councillors etc have got on board.

    Ultimately it’s better to ensure the Olympics is safe and protected from every unthinkable evil, so if this is what the security services think needs to happen then so be it as far as I’m concerned. Better safe than sorry.

    I just pray they are not needed.


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