We’re back…

May 25, 2012 8:45 am

…did you miss us?

Apologies to those who tried to access the site yesterday – we experienced a server issue which took longer to resolve than we first anticipated.

Thanks for bearing with us.

We’re looking forward to a bumper day on LabourList – with great content from yesterday (that we couldn’t publish) as well as everything that we have planned for today.

Keep checking back today for great content from across the Labour Party and the Labour movement.

Thanks again for your patience.

  • Peter Barnard

    Phew! That’s a relief (“We’re back …). It was a strange feeling … the prospect of no more “conversations” with people that I had got to “know” over the years.

    Yesterday must have been a difficult day for you, Mark., and well done for resolving whatever the problem was.

    I guess “The Osborne effect” will be on your agenda, given the downwards revision to 2012 Q1 GDP published yesterday?

    For the record, at the time of the election GDP per capita (constant £2008) was running at £22,360 per annum ; in 2012 Q1, it was running at £22,320 per annum. On your base line (Spending Review 2010), GDP per capita is down 1.2 per cent.

    • AlanGiles

      I was surprised that  nobody picked up on the fact that Cameron has proven himself to be the true “heir to Blair” in that in his constant  and arrogant defence of the dodgy and discredited Jeremy Hunt, Cameron now has his very  own “Mandy”. Just how much more has to be dragged out about Hunt before the wretched man  has to go – and how long before he is bought back?

      * Sonny Rollins (1930 –   )


  • Featured Obama veteran David Axelrod joins Labour campaign team

    Obama veteran David Axelrod joins Labour campaign team

    There are few superstars in political campaigning – but David Axelrod is undoubtedly one of them. And he’s joining Labour’s 2015 election campaign team. The Obama veteran – who took the US President from state senator to the White House in a matter of years, and then got him re-elected – will be joining Labour’s campaign team as a Senior Strategic Adviser. That means he’ll be going head to head with fellow Obama veteran Jim Messina (now working with the […]

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  • News A brief guide to David Cameron’s Christian “moral code”

    A brief guide to David Cameron’s Christian “moral code”

    As we approach Easter, David Cameron has talked about his “moral code”, called for a more strident Christianity that is “more evangelical about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people’s lives” and praised ”countless acts of kindness carried out by those who believe in and follow Christ”. Meanwhile, a “Whitehall Source” was today smearing the Christian charity The Trussell Trust, who yesterday revealed that in the past year food bank use has reached […]

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  • News Labour’s PPC for Colne Valley stands down

    Labour’s PPC for Colne Valley stands down

    Binnie Joshi Barr, Labour’s candidate in Colne Valley, has decided to step down due to health reasons. Barr announced her decision in a letter to local party members. She said: “Colne Valley deserves and will have a Labour MP in 2015. Unfortunately due to ill health, it is not going to be me. “Since the birth of my daughter Aarya eight weeks ago, my rheumatoid arthritis has returned and worse than before. I have regrettably come to the conclusion that […]

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  • Comment How Putin shows the same ‘maskirovka’ as his own soldiers

    How Putin shows the same ‘maskirovka’ as his own soldiers

    Yesterday in the European Parliament the EU Commissioner at the heart of the Ukraine crisis told MEPs that the rhetoric from Russia was “worse than at any time in the Cold War.” Today in Geneva four-way talks are taking place which are bringing Europe back to the forefront of the diplomacy seeking to de-escalate the crisis. But the stand-off in towns across Eastern Ukraine remains at least as likely to trigger the very opposite. On behalf of Labour in Europe, we have continued to maintain […]

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  • News NHS waiting list reaches nearly 3 million

    NHS waiting list reaches nearly 3 million

    The amount of patients waiting for NHS treatment has risen to 2.9 million, according to new referral to treatment times (RTT) figures. Meanwhile, the Health Service Journal reports (£): “The NHS has breached the target for 90 per cent of admitted patients to start treatment within 18 weeks for the first time since 2011, the latest figures from NHS England reveal.” With 550 of those patients having waited over a year for treatment, two thirds of England’s major A&Es missing their […]

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