We’re back…

May 25, 2012 8:45 am

…did you miss us?

Apologies to those who tried to access the site yesterday – we experienced a server issue which took longer to resolve than we first anticipated.

Thanks for bearing with us.

We’re looking forward to a bumper day on LabourList – with great content from yesterday (that we couldn’t publish) as well as everything that we have planned for today.

Keep checking back today for great content from across the Labour Party and the Labour movement.

Thanks again for your patience.

  • Peter Barnard

    Phew! That’s a relief (“We’re back …). It was a strange feeling … the prospect of no more “conversations” with people that I had got to “know” over the years.

    Yesterday must have been a difficult day for you, Mark., and well done for resolving whatever the problem was.

    I guess “The Osborne effect” will be on your agenda, given the downwards revision to 2012 Q1 GDP published yesterday?

    For the record, at the time of the election GDP per capita (constant £2008) was running at £22,360 per annum ; in 2012 Q1, it was running at £22,320 per annum. On your base line (Spending Review 2010), GDP per capita is down 1.2 per cent.

    • AlanGiles

      I was surprised that  nobody picked up on the fact that Cameron has proven himself to be the true “heir to Blair” in that in his constant  and arrogant defence of the dodgy and discredited Jeremy Hunt, Cameron now has his very  own “Mandy”. Just how much more has to be dragged out about Hunt before the wretched man  has to go – and how long before he is bought back?

      * Sonny Rollins (1930 –   )


  • Featured Scotland Why Lamont left – and what happens next?

    Why Lamont left – and what happens next?

    Johann Lamont’s resignation was a surprise, if only in terms of timing. Politicians – especially party leaders – rarely resign in newspaper interviews released over the weekend. Yet it seems this decision had been coming for a while. This was not something that transpired over a matter of days, but weeks, months or even years (depending on who you speak to). Lamont has made the right decision to step down. She was facing increasing fire both internally and externally, and didn’t […]

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  • News Labour “can indeed win”: Blair denies doom-mongering

    Labour “can indeed win”: Blair denies doom-mongering

    The Scottish Labour Party is not the only headache for Ed Miliband this morning. The Telegraph’s front page doesn’t make for the best reading either, running with the news that Tony Blair predicts a Tory victory next year: However, the story is not all it seems. The only quote The Telegraph supplies is from an anonymous source who claims that the former Labour PM made the prediction in a private meeting with them: “The Conservatives will be the next government […]

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  • Featured News Scotland Johann Lamont resigns as Scottish Labour leader

    Johann Lamont resigns as Scottish Labour leader

    Johann Lamont has resigned as leader of the Scottish Labour Party with immediate effect. She told the Scottish Daily Record: “I am proud of what we have achieved over the last three years. We held Alex Salmond to account” But was critical of some Scottish Labour colleagues, saying: “colleagues need to realise that the focus of Scottish politics is now Holyrood, not Westminster.” The BBC also reports Lamont accusing some in the party of trying to run Scotland “like a branch […]

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  • Comment Labour shouldn’t offer cosmetic solutions for our education system

    Labour shouldn’t offer cosmetic solutions for our education system

    Until told otherwise I am going to assume that all teachers have a deep and noble interest in the education of children and young people in Britain. There is, then, no need for them to put their hand on their heart or a bible or a framed photograph of Nicky Morgan and swear an oath to education. I mean how would that go exactly? “I solemnly swear that I absolutely have not fallen into teaching because it’s guaranteed work and […]

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  • News Labour MP receives vile anti-semitic messages

    Labour MP receives vile anti-semitic messages

    The Jewish Chronicle have reported that Luciana Berger MP and Louise Ellman MP have been subjected to anti-semitic tweets. Following the conviction of Garron Helm, who sent anti-semitic messages to Berger on Twitter – last night she faced further verbal online abuse. Messages sent to Berger included one that used the ‘jude’ – which in German means Jew. Another read “Only two places for Jews. The desert or in hell with their father the devil. #ExpelLucianaBerger” Berger has not responded to these […]

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