We’re back…

May 25, 2012 8:45 am

…did you miss us?

Apologies to those who tried to access the site yesterday – we experienced a server issue which took longer to resolve than we first anticipated.

Thanks for bearing with us.

We’re looking forward to a bumper day on LabourList – with great content from yesterday (that we couldn’t publish) as well as everything that we have planned for today.

Keep checking back today for great content from across the Labour Party and the Labour movement.

Thanks again for your patience.

  • Peter Barnard

    Phew! That’s a relief (“We’re back …). It was a strange feeling … the prospect of no more “conversations” with people that I had got to “know” over the years.

    Yesterday must have been a difficult day for you, Mark., and well done for resolving whatever the problem was.

    I guess “The Osborne effect” will be on your agenda, given the downwards revision to 2012 Q1 GDP published yesterday?

    For the record, at the time of the election GDP per capita (constant £2008) was running at £22,360 per annum ; in 2012 Q1, it was running at £22,320 per annum. On your base line (Spending Review 2010), GDP per capita is down 1.2 per cent.

    • AlanGiles

      I was surprised that  nobody picked up on the fact that Cameron has proven himself to be the true “heir to Blair” in that in his constant  and arrogant defence of the dodgy and discredited Jeremy Hunt, Cameron now has his very  own “Mandy”. Just how much more has to be dragged out about Hunt before the wretched man  has to go – and how long before he is bought back?

      * Sonny Rollins (1930 –   )


  • Comment The tennis match that reveals the Tories’ re-election strategy

    The tennis match that reveals the Tories’ re-election strategy

    David Cameron’s fundraising takes place in secretive opulence amongst the world’s super rich. This week we saw the extent of his reliance of those who operate in a different world to hardworking families concerned with paying their bills. The Conservative Party has taken a reported £1 million from Russian backers since David Cameron has been leader.  In 2008 David Cameron said, ‘Russian armies can’t march into other countries while Russian shoppers carry on marching into Selfridges’, and yet as Russian […]

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  • Comment Keeping childcare high on the agenda

    Keeping childcare high on the agenda

    Recent headlines that childcare will be a key battle ground in the General Election will come as no surprise to those of us who have been knocking on doors and speaking with mums and dads in our communities. Time after time, when I’m listening to families on the doorstep, the cost of childcare comes up as a reason for why they are struggling to afford to work. As the summer holidays start, this is particularly true. Research from the Family […]

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  • Featured We are the only people who can stop Murdoch’s power growing

    We are the only people who can stop Murdoch’s power growing

    After the parliamentary inquiries, Leveson, and the criminal trials, it sometimes feels like nothing has changed at Rupert Murdoch’s News UK. The grim case of Tulisa Contostavlos shows that Murdoch’s people will still fit up a celebrity if it sells papers. When I read Mazher Mahmood’s Sun on Sunday drugs sting, I thought of poor Sean Hoare. Sean was a brave man. He was the first former News of the World journalist to have the guts to admit to phone hacking. He was an […]

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  • News Independence? UKIP can’t even spell it

    Independence? UKIP can’t even spell it

    Slow clap for UKIP, who have put out a leaflet in Blackpool in which they’ve managed to spell their own name wrong. Proudly proclaiming themselves as the “UK Indepencence Party”, the leaflet has been delivered to voters for the Clifton by-election taking place today. Maybe their campaigning against “Eurocrats” has just been a typo all along.

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  • News Company pulls out of workfare scheme days after Osborne visit to promote it

    Company pulls out of workfare scheme days after Osborne visit to promote it

    A business in Bristol has pulled involvement with the Government’s controversial workfare programme, only days after Chancellor George Osborne paid them a visit to publicise the scheme. Byteback IT Solutions welcomed Osborne earlier this month for an opportunity to publicise the Help to Work programme, where long-term unemployed must work on placements in order to receive their benefits. However, after campaigners took to Byteback’s social media sites to protest, they decided to terminate their involvement, saying they had been “ill-informed” […]

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