Labour Party announces final Executive Director appointment

20th July, 2012 5:38 pm

The Labour Party has this afternoon confirmed the appointment of the seventh and final Executive Director. John McCaffrey has been appointed the party’s Commercial Director, and will begin work on August 1st.

According to an internal party email seen by LabourList:

“John McCaffrey is a leading international fundraiser with years of experience which will be of enormous benefit to the Party. He has worked widely raising very substantial funds across the education, arts and museums sector in the UK and the US.”

He’ll certainly be kept busy – the other 6 Executive Directors have been in post for over 4 months now, so he has some catching up to do.

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  • Chris Winters

    Looking at his CV on wikipedia I would be interested to know if he is doing the job full time and for the advertised salary.

  • treborc

    I hope he is successful  no doubt labour needs the money so long as the donation comes with no strings, and that’s the problem. Labour had one or two  messes  before with loans and donations and the peerages scandal, another of those before the next election would not go down well.

    But I can understand people giving money to a University, a religious group, a church, a faith or a charity, but a political party.

    But then again what do I know.

    • Holly

      Political parties can raise all the money they like, but unless they have plausible policies it will make no difference.

      Agreeing with most of the current government cuts/reforms, but ‘not these cuts/
      reforms’, is a road to nowhere.
      The key thing at the moment is the economy…
      Get Darling back as the shadow chancellor, and half the ‘credibility’ battle is won.

      • John Dore

        Completely agree. Alistair Darling is a great man, that people will follow.

        • Back to the Future? Nah! Brave New World.

        • Holly

          Hang on a cotton pickin’ minute!I NEVER said, implied or thought Darling was/is/or could be a ‘great’ anything…He just comes across as more realistic, honest, and having a bit better grasp of how bad our finances are, compared to the vindictive, dishonest, underhand, gobshite shadow secretary, who will guarantee Labour losing the next election, in place at the moment.Let’s just settle on Darling being ‘better’ or ‘good’ for now, and leave the ‘great’ for historical bods like Alexander the, etc, eh?

          • jaime taurosangastre candelas

            I do believe my neighbour’s cat has more economic credibility than Ed Balls.  At least the cat is not responsible for the gross, almost treasonous level of over-spending and accounting deceit that Ed Balls and Gordon Brown oversaw in the ten years to 2010. The cat also does not try to claim to have saved the world in 2008.

          • Holly

            My aim, as a Conservative voter, and hopefully the aim of Labour voters/supporters, is to get rid of this person, who I honestly believe is toxic to the Labour party, the party leader, and most importantly, to the country as a whole.
            Balls was the one who lumped bad ideas on Bozo.
            Bozo refused to take the blame & would ‘disappear’.
            Balls kept quiet, and, off the top of my head, I don’t remember Balls ever coming out to support any of the duff policies he got Bozo to implement, regardless of the dire consequences we are all now going through.
            The only real reason Balls was ‘kept on’ by Bozo, was to get rid of Blair. 
            Once that was achieved the dismal shortcomings of both these two, were no longer ‘hidable’ from the public….Mrs Duffy was a classic example.
            If Bozo was not fit for office, then Ed Balls is certainly not fit for any public sector job.
            How much scheming went on in the Balls household? And how up his own ‘dark place’ was Balls, that he would win the leadership contest?
            Bozo probably came to someone else’s senses and scuppered it for Balls, yet landed us with Miliband in the process.
            Who said politics are boring, when you had scheming low life’s like this to ‘entertain’ our imaginations?
            I look forward to the movie, if anyone from Labour has the guts to tell us what REALLY went on behind the scenes….Some trashy books have already given a glimpse of the chaos taking place, while the country got dragged further & further down the pan.
            New Labour had Bozo as Chancellor/Balls as his sidekick…
            Old Labour had Bozo as PM/Balls as his sidekick…
            New Generation,’we’ve got our party back’, Labour has Balls as Shadow Chancellor…

            To cut a long story short…
            I blame balls!  
            For everything!

          • treborc

            If your a Tory calling Balls  anything is a bit daft, your own lunatic is not doing to great

          • Holly

            Yes but my lunatic did not help instigate/allow a banking collapse, a housing bubble to burst, and an economy fed solely on vast amounts of government/public debt.
            Whatever you think of his ‘navigation’, through much choppier waters than Balls & Bozo had to ‘navigate’ through Osborne is doing the best he can in trying to keep us afloat, and all things considered, actually not doing half bad.
            Just what do you reckon Balls & Bozo did with all the money, for the long term interest of the country?
            And, more importantly, given the national/worldwide economical climate, just where do you reckon we would be under Balls?

            Most of us know, and however much some hate the process, my lunatic won’t have done half as much long term damage to everyone, as your lunatic actually DID.

            We may even, eventually, forgive Osborne, but will we ever be able to forgive Balls?

          • treborc

            Yes but your lot agree with, I was going to say my lot but of course none of them are mine any more.

            lets  not kid our selves if labour MP’s and Tories and Liberals were any good at what they did they’d be working in industry or banking not politics.

            I’ve never seen a bunch of useless politicians from all sides.

            Labour relaxed the banking regulations and the Tories requested they go further . says all I need to know.

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