Lynton Crosby ‘f****** Muslims’ row escalates, as he’s accused of saying ‘Let’s put a rag round the battle bus’

25th November, 2012 10:47 am

The Tory party is rowing over Lynton Crosby again, with the Mail on Sunday poring over allegations that the Australian strategist may have used some (at best) racially charged language, including an allegation that Crosby said ‘Let’s put a rag round the battle bus’ – referring to a Muslim headscarf. But the most remarkable and disturbing quote in their report comes from former Tory peer (now a crossbencher) Shreela Flather, who is quoted as saying:

“I don’t condone swearing, but Lynton is right to say it is pointless for the Conservatives to chase Muslim votes. They are all on benefits and all vote Labour.”

Elsewhere in the piece, the battle between Crosby and Lord Ashcroft rages on, with Ashcroft being overheard making the following comments:

“The danger is that other people will see it as racist…Some people may assume he means effing Muslims, effing blacks and all effing immigrants and will not appreciate that Muslim is a religion not a race. When I heard about Mr Crosby’s comment, I was sorely tempted to send him a list of nine Muslims who have won the Victoria Cross fighting for this country.”

It’s quite possible that these comments were overheard. Evidently someone present at the event had excellent hearing, and possibly a notepad. And evidently Lord Ashcroft speaks in well polished press copy when he’s speaking to friends. Evidently…

No public spat here. No sir, nothing to see here…

Update: In the original version of this post I stated that Flather was a Tory peer (as reported by the Mail on Sunday). However, she does appear to now sit as a crossbencher.

  • NT86

    She also said this about Nigerian men last year:

    Also, I believe Shreela Flather is now a crossbencher in Lords. Interestingly she is a Humanist.

    Most Muslims (ditto for BME communities in general) have voted Labour, but the Lib Dems managed to pick up votes from them in 2005 and 2010. Plus the Tories have a small number of Muslim-origin MPs and of course Baroness Warsi as a minister at the moment.

    Technically the Tories wouldn’t need to win a majority with the assistance of Muslim or other minority votes. Even Grant Shapps spoke of a 40-40 strategy in that they’re simply going after 40 marginals held by Labour or Lib Dems, as well trying to hold 40 of their most vulnerable seats. Having Lynton Crosby could go either way, but it really depends of how the economy does until early 2015. It might suggest that the party is lurching to the right given that it is Crosby. Also one has to see the extent to which UKIP acts as a splitter in the Tory vote. The they could outperform the Lib Dems in many seats.

  • BR83

    Shreela Flather left the Conservative party in 2008, but when did you ever let the facts get in the way of your shoddy journalism?

    • markfergusonuk

      You mean the Mail on Sunday’s shoddy journalism. I corrected this piece before you even commented, the Mail on Sunday’s piece is still incorrect. I suggest you take your indignation elsewhere…

  • Dave Postles

    Coulson – Crosby. Cameron has no sense of propriety.

  • 2stcenturytruth

    The Romney 47% moment. Use it. Be certain aggressive cries will be made against the party like ‘You do not want to return to the people who got us in this mess’. The reply: it was the bankers who probably vote Tory who created the world crisis’. No room for pussyfooting and gentle shaking of head. Labour must be as aggressive and focused as Obama and Biden. The Conservatives will throw the kitchen sink be certain.

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