UKIP’s secret weapon in Rotherham – Neil Hamilton?

November 27, 2012 2:39 pm

UKIP are aiming to take Rotherham from Labour on Thursday, in the wake of recent events there.

So who do they unleash as their secret weapon in their bid to win the seat of disgraced former MP Denis MacShane?

Disgraced ex-MP Neil Hamilton (and his wife Christine) of course…

(Not to be confused with Rotherham’s Labour councillor Neil Hamilton)

UKIP couldn’t really win this seat? Could they?

I’ll be taking a look at the possibility of an upset in each of Thursday’s by-elections tomorrow…

  • aracataca
    • LordElpus

      Considering Labour is a strong odds-on UKIP at 6/1 shows how much the bookies feel the antics of the last few months have hurt Labour.

  • Glen Parry

    niel hamilton disgraced ex tory mp and convicted crimminal who has served a long prison sentence what a role model for ukip

  • NT86

    Christine Hamilton is quite the cougar :)

  • NT86

    Christine Hamilton is quite the cougar :)

  • NT86

    Christine Hamilton is quite the cougar :)

  • Chrisso

    will be relief if Labour keeps what has been one of the
    safest Labour seats in the country, despite the party’s best attempts to
    lose it. There should be an inquest (whatever the result) into what went wrong, to make sure it’s never repeated.


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