Obama vs Miliband

21st January, 2013 5:16 pm

Barack Obama, January 21st 2013 –

“Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation, and one people”

Ed Miliband, October 2nd 2012 –

“One nation: a country for all, with everyone playing their part. A Britain we rebuild together.”


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  • I approve of this trolling, Mark.

  • MonkeyBot5000

    Politician 1, date A: “Feel good rhetoric”
    Politician 2, date B: “Feel good rhetoric”

    If you squint really hard, you can almost see some news.

  • AlanGiles

    You’d hardly expect two politicians seeking office to say anything different Would you?. Even if it something that has never happened AND never will or can

  • Amber_Star

    President Obama is doing much better than we have come to expect from an American President. The world is fortunate to have him instead of McCain or Romney.

  • PaulHalsall

    Given that class is the major divider in Britain, similar words mean something quite different (although still good) in the US, where few people recognise anyother class than the “middle class” and distinctions such as region vs region, state vs state, and above all race, play a much great role in political like and thought.

  • coalitionkid

    reminds me of a phrase `Mr Miliband I knew Barack Obama, Mr Miliband you’re no Barack Obama`


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