Which Labour selections will be open – and which are All-women shortlist?

February 14, 2013 4:43 pm

Today the party’s powerful Organisation Sub-committee of the NEC (more commonly known as Org Sub) agreed which target seats will be “Open selections” (where all members can apply) and which will be All-women shortlists. The party is aiming for 50% of all target seats to be AWS, so this is the first stage of that process (seats in Scotland, Yorkshire and the Humber, the remainder of the East Midlands and Lancashire will be brought to next meeting of Orb Sub in March).

In total the committee has agreed recommendations for 79 parliamentary constituencies with 39 All-Women Shortlists. All recommendations must go forward to the next full NEC – but it’s unlikely we’ll see any significant changes now that the Org Sub wrangling is over.

Here are the recommendations for future selections that were agreed today (by region):

Region Constituency Majority Current Recommendation
London Battersea -5,977 Con Open
London Bermondsey & Old Southwark -8,530 LD OPEN
London Brent Central -1,345 LD OPEN
London Brentford & Isleworth -1,958 Con Open
London Ealing Central & Acton -3,716 Con AWS
London Enfield North -1,692 Con AWS
London Finchley & Golders Green -5,809 Con Open
London Harrow East -3,403 Con AWS
London Hendon -106 Con OPEN
London Hornsey & Wood Green -6,875 LD AWS
London Ilford North -5,404 Con OPEN
London Lewisham Deptford 12,499 LAB AWS
North Stockton South -332 Con AWS
North West Bury North 2583 Con Open
North West City of Chester -2,583 Con Open
North West Manchester, Withington -1,894 LD Open
North West Warrington South -1,553 Con Open
North West Weaver Vale -991 Con AWS
North West Wirral West -2,436 Con AWS
South East Brighton, Kemptown -1,328 Con AWS
South East Brighton, Pavilion -1,252 Green AWS
South East Hove -1,868 Con Open
South West Kingswood -2,445 Con AWS
South West North East Somerset -4,914 Con Open
South West Plymouth, Sutton & Devonport -1,149 Con Open
Wales Aberconwy -3,398 Con AWS
Wales Arfon -1,455 PC Open
Wales Cardiff Central -4,576 LD AWS
Wales Cardiff North -194 Con AWS
Wales Carmarthen East & Dinefwr -3,481 PC Open
Wales Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshire -3,423 Con AWS
Wales Preseli Pembrokeshire -4,605 Con Open
Wales Vale of Glamorgan -4,307 Con Open
West Midlands Birmingham, Yardley -3,002 LD AWS
West Midlands Dudley South -3,856 Con AWS
West Midlands Halesowen & Rowley Regis -2,023 Con AWS
West Midlands North Warwickshire -54 Con Open
West Midlands Nuneaton -2,069 Con AWS
West Midlands Stourbridge -5,164 Con Open
West Midlands Wolverhampton South West -691 Con Open

And here are the selections that have already taken place – ranked in order of majority, and whether each selection was Open or AWS:

Region Constituency Majority Current Early Selections completed
Eastern Thurrock -92 Con AWS
Eastern Norwich South -310 LD Open
Eastern Waveney -769 Con Open
North Carlisle -853 Con AWS
East Midlands Lincoln -1,058 Con AWS
South West Stroud -1,299 Con Open
Eastern Bedford -1,353 Con Open
East Midlands Northampton North -1,936 Con AWS
South East Hastings & Rye -1,993 Con AWS
Eastern Ipswich -2,079 Con Open
South West Gloucester -2,420 Con Open
West Midlands Worcester -2,982 Con AWS
West Midlands Cannock Chase -3,195 Con Open
West Midlands Warwick & Leamington -3,513 Con AWS
South West South Swindon -3,544 Con AWS
Eastern Stevenage -3,578 Con AWS
East Midlands Loughborough -3,744 Con Open
Eastern Norwich North -3,901 Con AWS
Eastern Great Yarmouth -4,276 Con AWS
Eastern Watford -4,541 Con Open
East Midlands High Peak -4,677 Con AWS
Eastern Peterborough -4,861 Con AWS
Eastern Harlow -4,925 Con AWS
South East Milton Keynes South -5,201 Con Open
North Redcar -5,214 LD AWS
South East Dover -5,274 Con AWS
West Midlands Stafford -5,460 Con AWS
Eastern South Basildon & East Thurrock -5,772 Con Open
West Midlands Redditch -5,821 Con AWS
South East Crawley -5,928 Con Open
South East Reading West -6,004 Con AWS
North West Crewe & Nantwich -6,046 Con Open
South West Bristol North West -6,056 Con Open
South East Chatham & Aylesford -6,069 Con Open
West Midlands Tamworth -6,090 Con AWS
West Midlands Burton -6,304 Con Open
South West North Swindon -7,060 Con Open
Eastern Cambridge -7,447 LD Open
South West Bristol West -11,366 LD AWS
  • http://twitter.com/mcaino Matthew Cain

    So does that mean that several seats where the Labour MP has already announced they are standing down are still without a selection timetable?

  • Steve

    Croydon Central is missing. Any reason why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Parma/578831001 Andrea Parma

    Among Labour held seats with the sitting MP retiring, just Lewisham Deptford have been settled.

    Have South Basildon & East Thurrock and Crawley already selected the PPC or just started the process (like Watford)? If they have selected, I have missed who the chosen one is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001102865655 John Ruddy

      Dont forget Hampstead – Glenda is retiring and the majority is very low, so we need the new candidate in there soon.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Parma/578831001 Andrea Parma

        Yes, I was thinking especially about Hampstead and Southampton Itchen (Coventry NE and Bristol South aren’t razor thin majorities) when I noticed that many Labour held seats weren’t decided.

        • Daniel Speight

          Maybe they are being saved for the promised working class candidates… All we need is faith. They wouldn’t lie to us would they?

        • Daniel Speight

          Maybe they are being saved for the promised working class candidates… All we need is faith. They wouldn’t lie to us would they?

        • Daniel Speight

          Maybe they are being saved for the promised working class candidates… All we need is faith. They wouldn’t lie to us would they?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001102865655 John Ruddy

      Dont forget Hampstead – Glenda is retiring and the majority is very low, so we need the new candidate in there soon.

  • Terry Murphy

    Why is Stockton South an AWS again – it was last time – why not Hendon eg etc – 30 years in the Party, 22 in Stockton South and this abuse of process means I won’t even be considered – because I am a man.

    Why not 50:50? Because this is clearly more about the AWS concept being abused to exclude credible candidates from the competition to favour certain people’s preferred
    candidate? A disgrace. An insult. And does the Party and the eventual candidate no credit.

    • Andy

      Exactly Terry. I currently have two female Labour ward councillors who, while it pains me to say it, are useless and sadly a Tory MP who is a female and also useless. (as expected in truth because of party not gender)

      AWS and it’s naive supporters decrees that this is wonderful but for the residents it isn’t.

  • martinwhelton@aol.com

    Why is Croydon Central not on the list?

  • NT86

    I think the open selections could produce some really good candidates potentially. I’m always reminded of how the Tories selected Dr Sarah Wollaston (a GP by profession) in an open primary for Totnes a few years ago. It would certainly allow a much broader range of people.

    • http://www.facebook.com/renie.anjeh1 Renie Anjeh

      Hear, hear. You should put it forward to the NEC! 100% agree, the party should trial them.

  • James Jacobs

    Any news on east midlands seats?

  • James Jacobs

    Any news on east midlands seats?

  • Andy

    Little game for AWS supporters:

    Choose 10 of your all time favourite male MP’s
    Choose 10 female MP’s
    You’ve a selection list of 10 to fill.

    Which of the 10 male MP’s would you drop to accommodate AWS

    If your answer is all of them you need to leave the party.

    If you come to the conclusion that AWS is a pathetic system, that jobs should be for those with the best ability to do them (which could be all 10 women, 9 women and 1 male, all 10 males etc.) and that this system should be immediately dropped then welcome to the real world.

  • MrSauce

    I am a bit surprised that this sort of sex discrimination isn’t illegal.

    • Chilbaldi

      It was, but then in our infinite wisdom we passed new law to ensure that discrimination law didn’t cover AWS.

  • Chilbaldi

    hear hear. I feel for you and others who are ruled out Terry. I also agree that every shortlist should be 50% male and 50% female, as I have suggested on here previously.

  • Chilbaldi

    Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. You need to give party HQ a chance to get their favourites lined up first, and let the London based move up north for a few months before the selection process starts!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Homfray/510980099 Mike Homfray

      I’m already awaiting the arrival of the sharp-suited…

      • Chilbaldi

        To your constituency, or on this messageboard? Both could apply! Is there a retiring MP where you are Mike?

  • http://www.facebook.com/annblack50 Ann Black

    You write:

    “All recommendations must go forward to the next full NEC”

    In fact the organisation sub-committee has delegated powers, and the decisions are final. Otherwise constituencies would be hanging around for another month. (And as 28 of the 33 NEC members are on the sub-committee it would be unllkely to produce a different result.)

    Seats in Scotland, Yorkshire, East of England and Lancashire will be decided at the sub-committee’s next meeting on 12 March, along with further seats where the MP is not standing again and there has been time for consultation. In some cases it is widely believed that the MP is retiring but official notification has not reached HQ. The sooner this happens, the sooner selection of a new candidate can get under way.


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Parma/578831001 Andrea Parma

      “n some cases it is widely believed that the MP is retiring but official
      notification has not reached HQ. The sooner this happens, the sooner
      selection of a new candidate can get under way.”

      If the NEC formally ask all MPs if they want to apply for re-selection by, let’s say, June 2013 (IIRC you already said that trigger ballots will be in early 2014), do you think it would encourage more sitting MPs intending to retire to officially confirm it?

    • Felix

      Well done to regional office and NEC for not listening to local members, you’ve handed Kingswood back to Skidmore. Local members resigning and there will be even fewer left to campaign. So much for working hard for the party locally and being offered the chance to stand. And yes, there are very good local candidates, though none of them women and there will be no local woman standing as there aren’t any. As a result, the PPC will be from outside the constituency and in a position of weakness from the outset which Skidmore will exploit ruthlessly. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that since the debacle of central command and control banning Bristol Labour councillors from joining the new mayor’s cabinet, any more incidents of Labour Central riding roughshod over local members would go down like a lead balloon and be milked pitilessly by the local Tory-friendly newspaper. It wouldn’t even surprise me if an Independent Labour candidate doesn’t emerge, hoovering up all the precious disaffected working class Labour votes. Bad move NEC, very bad move, especially if you wanted to rebuild Labour’s presence in the south. Or perhaps you have no real intention of doing so after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/neil.nerva Neil Nerva

    Just to clarify re Hampstead and Kilburn . On 28th February the CLP is hosting an all member consultation meeting with London Region re local preference for AWS / open selection . Once the Org Sub has reached a decision, I hope the selection process will start asap

  • jem2347

    What criteria is used to determine which should be AWS or not?

  • Javed Iqbal

    Whilst I will give as much support to as many local Labour candidates at next election as I can, i believe AWS should be abolished now. i am from an asian background and whilst there are not many asian MP,s at present I would not feel comfortable in an only asian candidates shortlist. You should be selected purely on ability/ experience in serving your local community etc.
    There are fantastically talented young females are grassroot level and Im sure they would have a very good chance in being selected on merit and thats how it should be,
    But please lets get behind an support every party candidate as we really need to work together to get rid of these posh boys and rest of the tory shower


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