Tory MP’s “Date Arab girls” jibe backfires

15th March, 2013 11:57 am

Poor Tory MP Gavin Barwell. He thought he’d struck gold when he asked why the Labour Party’s press release on Twitlonger had an advert saying “Date Arab girls”, but his jibe soon backfired, when the party press office pointed him in the direction of Google Adsense Help:


Google Adsense help says this:

You may come across such ads when you’re viewing a website, video, or app on Google’s Display Network. In addition to seeing ads based on your interests, you may also see ads based on the types of sites you visit, whether you +1 something, and more.

Oops…Barwell got a far more interesting advert than LabourList did:


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  • JoeDM

    Another slow news day on LL

    • Hugh

      Still, quite funny.

    • Dave Postles

      It pays to know the opposition, esp. in no 46 on the target list. Any sensible person would recognize that it’s best to use the liveDVD of Tails Linux which automatically connects through TOR and, for the same reason to circumvent all this tracking and shit advertisements, to use DuckDuckGo as the search engine.

  • John Ruddy

    Number 46 on Labour’s target list.

  • UKAzeri

    it would be good to see LL take on new found support for slave labour amongst the labour leadership as reported just now in the Guardian!!

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  • volcanopete

    The Tory party are so some much disarray they cannot even find a candidate for the home of the Magna Carta.Runnymede went Ukip with Labour a very close second.One Tory locally commented “I am ashamed to be a Tory”.Toxic.

  • Brumanuensis

    Based on the adverts I’m getting, I ‘need direction’ and should take a personality test. I’m not quite sure what prompted this. Perhaps all those google searches for ‘acute existential angst’.

  • Lee Mc

    Loving how the modern Tory knows nothing about the internet.

  • FutureGeek

    That is Brilliant! Well done Labour Press team. Twitter will be a politicians downfall. MP’s should stop asserting authority and talking pretentiously about topics and concepts that they don’t understand. Oh hang on a minute… that’s their job.

  • Amusing to see a Tory politician caught out like this. But, then again, how many of us have browsing histories that would stand up to public scrutiny?!

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  • New Mum Online

    That’s FABULOUS – talk about an “own goal”!

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