Irony overload – Clegg claims Tories and Labour are “the same thing”

8th April, 2013 7:41 am

Just when you think your capacity for being surprised by the sheer chutzpah of politicians is exhausted, Nick Clegg – David Cameron’s sidekick – says this:

“Despite all their stated differences, a vote for Labour or the Tories will be a vote for the same thing”

Oh – so it’s the Tories and Labour who are the same is it? Here I was thinking that it was the Lib Dems – blindly voting to dismantle the NHS and increase austerity – who were the same as the Tories. But no – it seems it’s Labour.

Glad we cleared that up – thanks Nick.


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  • Dave Postles

    O.k., charlatan, sign the petition then:

    BTW, Labour MPs can make amends by signing it too.

  • Monkey_Bach

    In my opinion the Tories are slightly worse than Labour. At the moment. Eeek.


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