Labour announces European Election candidates

April 8, 2013 5:17 pm

Labour has announced its lists of candidates for the European Parliament elections next year. There will now be an OMOV ballot of Party members in each region to rank the candidates. The sitting MEPs who are restanding will top each regional list.

When voting, members will need to place the re-selected sitting MEPs in order of preference (voting 1, 2, etc). To comply with the Labour Party’s rules regarding positive action and also to counter the possible losses of female elected representatives that may arise from the effects of EU enlargement it is again proposed that one of the top two places for re-selected MEPs in each region is filled by a woman.

There will be a separate ballot of newly selected candidates for the vacant seats to place them in order behind the re-selected MEPs. There will be separate voting, in order of preference, women and men. Women and men will then appear alternately in the list. This method of preference voting is known as zipping. A woman will be placed at the top of the vacant seats list.

The exceptions are as follows:

• where only women MEPs (more than one) have been re-selected. In this case a man will be top of the vacant seats list.
• where only one woman MEP is re-selected, then the ballot for new candidates will not have separate sections for women and men, and will be taken in a single vote. The candidate with the highest vote will take the top place, and the list will be zipped thereafter.
• where one woman MEP and one male MEP is re-selected, then the ballot for new candidates will not have separate sections for women and men, and will be taken in a single vote. The candidate with the highest vote will take the top place, and the list will be zipped thereafter.

East Midlands
Glennis Wilmott
New candidates
Nicki Brooks
Khalid Hadadi
Rory Palmer
Linda Woodings

Richard Howitt
New candidates
Naseem Ayub
Bhavna Joshi
Alex Mayer
Paul Bishop
Sandy Martin
Chris Ostrowski

Mary Honeyball
Claude Moraes
New candidates
Sanchia Alasia
Lucy Anderson
Ivana Bartoletti
Andrea Biondi
Seb Dance
Kamaljeet Jandu

New candidates
Judith Kirton-Darling
Jayne Shotton
Paul Brannen
Nick Wallis

North West
Arlene McCarthy
New candidates
Steve Carter
Kevin Doran
Theresa Griffin
Afzal Khan
Wajid Khan
Pascale Lamb
Angeliki Stogia
Julie Ward

South East
New candidates
Anneliese Dodds
Maggie Hughes
Karen Landles
Farah Nazeer
Emily Westley
Phil Bloomer
John Howarth
Del Singh
James Swindlehurst
James Watkins

South West
New candidates
Clare Moody
Ann Reeder
Jude Robinson
Junab Ali
Glyn Ford
Hadleigh Roberts

West Midlands
New candidates
Claire Edwards
Neena Gill
Olwen Hamer
Lynda Waltho
Ansar Ali-Khan
Anthony Ethapemi
Sion Simon

Yorkshire & the Humber
Linda McAvan
New candidates
Richard Corbett
Daren Hughes
Asghar Khan
Helen Mirfin-Boukouris
Tracey Simpson-Lang
Eleanor Tunnicliffe

David Martin
Catherine Stihler
New candidates
Asim Khan
Derek Munn
Katrina Murray
Kirsty O’Brien

Derek Vaughan
New candidates
Jayne Bryant
Christina Rees
Alex Thomas

This list was first published here

  • NT86

    Wasn’t Lynda Waltho an MP in the last Parliament? Name sounds familiar.

    • Jonathan Millins

      Yes, along with previous MEPs Neena Gill, Richard Corbett and Glyn Ford… and Sion Simon ex-MP

    • Andrea Parma

      yes, she was MP for Stourbridge.

      Sion Simon is another MP in the race.

      2 former MEPs are trying a comeback (Richard Corbett and Neena Gill).

      4 MEPs are retiring: Michael Cashman (West Midlands), Stephen Hughes (North East), Brian Simpson (North West) and Peter Skinner (South East).

      If I’ve translated the rules correctly, they mean that the top vacant spot will go to a woman in South East, South West, East, Wales, North East and West Midlands.
      It will go to the highest polling candidate in London, North West, Scotland, Yorkshire and East Midlands.

      In some regions the number of shortlisted candidates is the same of the number of available places. In others, it is number of available places +1. Not sure why.

      • John Ruddy

        Seems weird, as I thought we as members were going to select which candidates, when it appears that all we are doing is selecting the order of them on the list.

  • Chilbaldi

    Sion Simon is an interesting one. Does he regret resigning from Parliament for a Mayoral position which didn’t exist? There are a few London based Europhiles who I am surprised are not on the list too.

    • John Ruddy

      I hope he doesnt have regrets – it was an honourable way to go about things. I only wish Liam Byrne had done the same.

  • Brumanuensis

    So far I’ve only received communications from Sion Simon. Here’s his website.

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