Ken Livingstone: Miliband says the union link is here to stay

6th July, 2013 11:35 am

Speaking on his LBC radio show this morning, Ken Livingstone said:

“Ed Miliband phoned me yesterday evening, and he briefed me on what he’s doing – he has not the slightest intention of breaking the trade union link.”

“I had a text from his office saying that the news Ed will end the union link is total nonsense and emphatically not his view or our line.”

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  • JoeDM

    Whole lotta spinnin’ goin’ on.

  • postageincluded

    This isn’t a surprise. But it isn’t great news either – and I say that as a firm believer in the link. The meme is roaming free that Miliband is McCluskey’s puppet. Having Red Ken shouting “Oh yes he is!” may reassure some of the more paranoid members on the left but it won’t put that meme back in the cage.

    We have all been thoroughly “Tuckered” by the Tory spin machine on this one. It’s now time to stop arguing about whose turn it is to bend over and take it next.

  • Colin Finch

    Hold the line, vote Labour in 2015 and then agitate like fxck for some left wing, socialism. We can but hope.

  • rekrab



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