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December 19, 2013 4:27 pm

It’s been a good year for LabourList:

  • We were the first to reveal Labour’s 106 target seats for 2015.

  • We brought you unparalleled coverage of Labour’s push for Equal marriage.

  • We exposed the bigoted views of a Cabinet Minister.

  • And our liveblogs – on election nights and the reshuffle – were read by tens of thousands of you.

We’re turning five in January – and for the first time LabourList has a secure future. We were only able to do this because we asked our readers for help. Together – we are labour’s biggest network of online activists.

Because of our success a donor has stepped forward by agreeing to match any donations we receive until midnight this Friday.

With over 100,000 unique readers, if everyone chipped in £1 right now we would have enough to fund our operations for all of 2014. But not everyone is in a position to give – especially during the holidays.

So if you’re in a position to give please chip in £5, or whatever you can afford, right now. Every donation we receive before midnight tomorrow will be doubled.

Click here to chip in £5 now:

Thank you for making LabourList possible – and Merry Christmas.



  • ManchesterMaddy

    “We exposed the bigoted views of a Cabinet Minister.”
    Which story was this? That sentence has put me completely off the idea of donating. Shouting at people for thoughtcrimes really isn’t something to be proud of.

    • Danny

      On the contrary, it’s a welcome example of responsible journalism. The media should be holding politicians to account; the higher profile they are they more scrutiny they deserve from journalists.
      If a Cabinet Minister holds bigoted views then the electorate have a right to know so that they can make an informed choice at the ballot box. If said Minister will not be open about his views it is an indirect means of deceiving voters and if a reporter ascertains their bigotry then they have a moral duty to expose it.

      • swatnan

        Could it be Plebgate and the ‘Stich Up Mitch’ conspiracy?
        Or, ‘Badgergate’ Patterson, the climate Change Denier?
        ‘…. make an informed choice at the ballot box …’?
        I don’t think thats quite how elections work.

  • Graemeyh

    Thank you for all your hard work over the past year. Well done.

  • Steve Stubbs

    As one of those who did donate, can I ask what proportion of your regulars did actually put their hands in their pockets? And how much did you get overall?


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