Ed Balls plays Schumann live on Radio 2

17th December, 2013 8:29 am

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ed Balls plays Schumann, live on Radio 2:

Although our favourite will always be Ed Balls plays drums:

Insert your own “one man band” joke here…

ed balls piano

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  • Mr Arthur Cook

    Now try offering a credible economic alternative to the Tory economic scenario of exploit and abuse the weakest in society in order to enrich the already wealthy?

    We know that “endogenous growth theory” was “not Brown but Balls” …but now we’ve worked out that it’s “balls” can he spend a little more time offering a coherent plan based on a clear commitment to the idea that those who work should receive the rewards of their labours rather than handing it to their masters?
    It’s not about tweeking indicators Ed ….Its’ about fundamental principles.

    Or is it to be another Labour term of office handed to them by default ….in which case it will be a case of Carry on up New Labour with “balls balls banquets and Balls”?


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