Mike Kane selected as Labour’s candidate for Wythenshawe and Sale East

24th January, 2014 10:18 pm

After a remarkably short six day long selection process, members in Wythenshawe and Sale East tonight met to select their by-election candidate from the shortlist of five announced on Wednesday. The successful candidate was confirmed this evening:

Mike Kane was a councillor in Northenden, and is a former teacher. More recently he’s been acting Chief Exec of Movement for Change, leading on their payday lenders campaign. 

Congratulations to Mike and comisserations to all the other shortlisted candidates. The election will take place on February 13th, so the campaign will be fully up and running tomorrow morning.


Update: We understand that Kane won on the first ballot – which is quite an achievement when there were five candidates in the race…

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  • Jack Dees

    Well done Mike, looks like you have all the credentials to be a real Labour MP for the real people of Manchester. Good Luck.

  • Mike Green

    Excellent list of candidates, and a superb event. Mike Kane was a clear winner and looks a positive choice, but several of the others spoke sincerely and with convictions. Labour looks strong in Wytheshawe and Sale East. Of course the best candidate didn’t make the short list…Mike Green! ha ha Signed Mike Green. PS Lets hammer the UKIP fruitcakes!

    • NT86

      I appreciate that Labour has selected well here, but do you really need to use name calling? It’s that level of debate which is turning people off the main parties and towards UKIP, partly. Maybe if Labour had more balanced views (including healthy scepticism) on Europe and immigration in the last government, the rise of UKIP wouldn’t have been such an issue. When you call them fruitcakes, you’re essentially denigrating a large section of the population who want a say on the EU. That is not a crankish opinion.

  • treborc1

    True he is totally New Labour totally Progress and totally Tory Lite he should fit in well.

    What a laugh ….

    • Mike Green

      Give Mike a break, he may be a supporter of Progress etc but he is grounded in the constituency. I asked a tough question last night at the short listing on the 8 metres high walls in Palestine/Israel, and he showed total respect for their human rights etc. He will do well for the people in need in the Constituency.

    • Doug Smith

      I’m sure Mike will be resolute in backing Miliband’s ambition to dump the trade unions and complete Blair’s modernisation project.

      Foward to One Nation Labour, being tougher than the Tories on scroungers and to nonsensical military interventions.

      All power to a fully-professionalised careerist, political elite!

      • Danny

        I’m sure the party are pleased. Another who will slide seamlessly into the Westminster bubble and become part of the problem, rather than a remedy.

        A politician who would blend in on either side of the House of Commons.

    • 5amu3l

      I was on the doorstep with Mike today and saw a man born and bred in the area, from the most ordinary of backgrounds, who has worked as local teacher and local councillor, listening and connecting with the concerns of the voters. He will be a terrific MP.

  • John Donaghey

    .Well done Mike .come see me i rally support for you .good luck mate. mr j donaghey.58 rackhouse road

  • Nicholas Poulcherios

    wish him and all the people there success progress, and sober down to Ed Milliband’s path of vision. The Unions are an essential part of a progressive society not slaves to the employers; now are the times of a strong socialist mandate in policies to lift our country back to greatness , equality,state responsibility for Health, Education, and welfare. Look at the exploitation of conservative policy ZERO hours contract,part time work, employment law just for the employers benefit, no welfare, below minimum wages…where have you been you people. We need a party to serve the nation. If the unions wish to donate they do so with no strings attached; by this I mean do not dictate, do not full the government by the nose, certainly strikes is a serious decision; As a nurse we had close 32 prohibiting strike,RCN,policy, the Unions bitterly antagonized us after some years we got in and recognized as a trade UNION, like other professionals. I chose to pay Labour membership, or donate a lamp some especially a year before elections but I also paid my dues to the RCN…I was a steward, and a PPR/Officer for Central London./ Westminster, Chelsea, and Kensington. the unions are better trained now and Organisations will be well advised to INCLUDE members of trade union officials on their committees just like share holders without shares,BUT they will understand if there are genuine economic problems and not Greed. How on earth they consider this employment rise and we are …some of us Sssssso gullible le and stupid to believe them. Vote for Ed, forget the nonsense and follies of Tony Blair and his misguided chronies. These are times crying out for a socialist government solidly firm on the ground for the love of all of us; Restore the almost disappearing middle classes.,and strive to shrink and help eliminate poverty. I am a Socialist because I do care for all peoples. I do not envy or covet anyone. Democracy is the name and also a morality and social fairness. Vote Labour with confidence and trust, do not listen to what they keep on accusing the Labour and ED BALLS, when it should be the GREEDY BANKERS< AND the ugly CAPITALISM from the USA.. No organisation is perfect; as human beings we were not created to be perfect but to be human. Socialism also fits admirably with my christian feelings…to care for all peoples f all races, all religions and those of none.

  • Nicholas Poulcherios

    Wish Mr. Cane all the best of my wishes for a socialist Labour coming next to govern with this time our level headed ED MILLIBAND. VOTE LABOUR and give him a strong Majority.


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