PPC selected in key marginal seat Great Grimsby

26th July, 2014 7:36 pm

Today, Melanie Onn has been selected as Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC), for key marginal seat Great Grimsby.


Onn, who will stand as Labour’s candidate as current MP Austin Mitchell is stepping down, grew up in Grimsby and currently works as an organiser for UNISON.

Prior to being selected, on her website she explained her reasons for wanting to be Labour’s candidate for the area:

“Grimsby is the place that I am proud to call home. Grimsby is the place I choose to live and raise my son. Grimsby is my first and only choice to stand as your parliamentary candidate.

Grimsby needs a candidate and MP who listens to the views of local people, understands what matters and who can take that cause, loudly and proudly, all the way to Westminster. Grimsby is a Labour seat. I will fly the flag for the people, businesses and communities of Grimsby. My proven track record of working with Ministers and MPs demonstrates I will deliver the change that is needed to keep Grimsby Labour.”

Congratulations to Melanie, and commiserations to the other candidates.

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  • gunnerbear

    “Congratulations to Melanie, and commiserations to the other candidates.”

    Do those commiserations extend to the guys who were barred from standing as a Labour PPC even if they had wanted to? Wonder if the woman who got selected was as good as any of the guys that might have been interested.

    • treborc1

      What about all those years when men only were selected and women were not even asked. My argument has been over the years both men and women seemed to get selected not because of anything else but the party leaders gives out the gift.

      She may well be the best person for the job, I’m sure in the past many women would have been better then the men.

      Now of course labour has to pick a women for the top job otherwise what a farce.

      • gunnerbear

        “My argument has been over the years both men and women seemed to get selected not because of anything else but the party leaders gives out the gift.”

        Top notch!

        • treborc1

          It happened in my area our three women slate were all rejected and NEC, Blair came out with his choice, my local party was destroyed the whole lot walked away, now we have a local party of nine people.

          • gunnerbear

            Fair comment. I think the issue is that some politicians really do think that the voters forget what the same politicians told them before.It’s a bit like the idea of ‘promoting working class types’ that all the parties seem to be toying with. I don’t know about you, but I’d be seriously hacked off to find out that any party only wanted me to stand because I was ‘blue collar’ and hit some London based staffers target.

          • Doug Smith

            It’ll only get worse once Miliband’s plan to break the collective link with the unions’ achieves full implementation in 2017.

            All the union leaders who voted for it will have retired to the House of Lords and the Labour elite will even more out of touch than they already are.

            The number of safe seats will be reduced and Progress careerists will squabble viciously to possess them.

            And there’ll be bacon sandwich eating stunts aplenty as the elite desperately attempt to present themselves as having the common touch.

  • jay

    Maybe it is good to have some candidates with very limited life experience. But not too many.

    • treborc1

      Well maybe not the leader though….

  • Theoderic Braun

    Onnward and upward!

    • Doug Smith

      Forward, not backwards!

      • gunnerbear

        Sideways always downwards!!

        • Doug Smith

          Up the creek!

          • swatnan

            Onne Nation!
            I’m in favour of AWS and ABAMES.

  • Dave Roberts

    It looks like she as never had a proper job.

    • Quiet_Sceptic


      From a political activity perspective her CV is very impressive, lots of involvement in the union movement, in campaigning, in local politics.

      But then there’s a conspicuous absence of anything about her day job which makes you wonder – well, does she have a day job? Or is she a just professional political campaigner on the union, Labour party, PPC career path?

  • jaime taurosangastre candelas

    Grimsby does not need a local candidate who seems to have polished her website to within one ounce of loyalty to some pre-defined line to take.

    Like the rest of the country, Great Grimsby needs a decent Prime Minister, wherever that person comes from.


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