David Hamilton MP announces he’s stepping down in May

24th January, 2015 3:29 pm

David Hamilton MP for Midlothian has announced he’s stepping down in May.


Hamilton, who was born in his constituency, and has been the MP there for 14 years is a former miner. He has spent his career campaigning to help ex-miners  get compensation for medical conditions caused by to their line of work.

Prior to becoming an MP, Hamilton was also a councillor in Midlothian for six years. He currently serves as the Scottish Labour Whip in the House of Commons.

He announced his retirement in a letter to local Scottish Labour Party members, he said his decision was made with “a great deal of pride, tinged with some considerable sadness.” He also explained his reasoning for stepping down, writing “Now, given that I will be 70 by the end of the next parliament, I owe it to my wife, my children and my grandchildren, who have always supported me, to give them the time that they deserve.”

Jim Murphy, leader of Scottish Labour, praised Hamilton for all of his hard work:

“Davie Hamilton is a gentle giant of the Labour movement.

“He is a former miner and the current Labour whip for Scotland who goes about his politics with a real integrity.

“As a whip he has not been able to speak in Parliament yet his campaigning for justice for miners has given a voice to the injustice of blacklisting.

“He has served Midlothian brilliantly for the past 14 years. I’d like to wish Davie, Jean and their family all the very best. Midlothian’s next MP has huge shoes to fill.”

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  • Doug Smith

    “Hamilton (…) is a former miner.”

    And was jailed for two months during the miners strike as a result of a stitch-up and later acquitted.

    No doubt the new candidate will be one of Murphy’s ‘never-had-a-proper-job’ Progress chums.

    • SilentHunter

      He sounds like a thoroughly decent bloke and something of an “original Labour” type of honest, hard working individual.

      Although, I can’t help but think that he can see the writing on the wall for Scottish Labour MP’s regardless of their personal political position and has decide that he wants no part in Murphy’s Right Wing Agenda for Scotland.

      It’s a shame, because this is precisely the kind of MP Labour need to hang on to. However, I think you’re right Doug, he will no doubt be replaced by one of Murphy’s henchmen.

      I wonder how the Labour voters of Midlothian will feel about this?

      • treborc1

        They have a choice in the SNP. so Scotland is pretty well placed to make a choice of blue labour or red SNP

        • SilentHunter

          I totally agree with you. (quelle surprise! ;o)

          I think Labour’s choice of Jim Murphy (has anyone published the actual voting numbers yet? ;o) will prove to be their nadir in Scotland.

          Roll on May.

    • BillFrancisOConnor

      I’ve told you before send that crystal ball back to Meg it’s a dud.

      • Doug Smith

        No objections from you re the Progress takeover in Scotland, eh Bill?

        • BillFrancisOConnor

          You have no idea whatsoever who is going to be selected for the Midlothian seat. Why pretend that you do?

          • Doug Smith

            Murphy has stated that Scottish Labour is now an independent entity and that he is in charge.

            Do you have any objections to the Murphy supremacy?

          • BillFrancisOConnor

            WTF has that got to do with your prediction about who the candidate is going to be in Midlothian?

          • Doug Smith

            If Murphy is in charge he will have influence.

            After all, Labour opted to end the collective link with the trade unions because it looked as if a trade unionist was going to become the PPC in the Falkirk constituency.

            Swivel-eyed Blairite ideologists will stop at nothing to get their way.

          • BillFrancisOConnor

            What a load of sh*te.

            Like the rest of us you have no idea who the candidate is going to be. We don’t even know who is going to put themselves forward. Why do you write this garbage?

          • Doug Smith


            Because your ignorance of political matters indicates a need for my insights.

          • Jane Manby

            Put themselves forward, some hope, it will be another flown in candidate, all woman short list, career PPC

          • SilentHunter

            Ahhh! Is that what happened in Falkirk . . . I did wonder at the time.

  • Dave Postles

    Immense thanks to him for all his endeavours. Good luck to him for his and his family’s future.

  • SilentHunter

    I wonder . . . . .

    Does anyone else think that Skeletor will be eying up this “safe Labour seat” (assuming there are still such things in Scotland) with it’s 9,000+ margin of Labour votes?

    Just wondering. :o.


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