Kenny Young selected as Labour’s candidate for Midlothian

3rd March, 2015 12:44 pm

Just over a month ago it was announced that David Hamilton would be stepping down as Labour’s MP for Midlothian – and last night his successor as Labour’s PPC was selected. Kenny Young, a local councillor who worked as Press Manager for Ed Miliband early in his leadership of the party, was chosen by local members in a 90-9 vote.


Speaking after the vote, Young said:

“I’m deeply honoured to have received the overwhelming backing of local Labour members to be our candidate for the General Election in May. 

“David Hamilton leaves very large shoes to fill and is respected right across Midlothian, but this is also my home and I am 100% committed to working as hard as I possibly can to earn people’s trust in Labour between now and May.

“I will work flat-out to earn people’s support, so that our area sends a Labour MP to Westminster who will help to kick the Tories out of Government.”

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  • John Ruddy

    It should be noted that Kenny Young won the Midlothian East council by-election last November, with a swing FROM the SNP TO Labour.

    • Moominpause

      Sorry but I don’t think that’s correct, the previous councillor (Peter Boyes) was an independent, albeit a recent one having been a Labour member for more than 20 years.

      Can I ask where you got the information regarding a swing from Labour to SNP?


      • John Ruddy

        Accordin to Mid Lothian Council’s website, in 2012, the SNP got 42.9% while Labour got 35.7%. The SNP should have won this by election if voting was exactly the same as in 2012.

        In the by-election in 2014, the SNP got 32.1% (-10.8%) while Labour got 32.9% (-2.8%).

        Thats a swing from the SNP to Labour of 4%.

        • Moominpause

          Sorry but I still think your figures, and assumptions are all
          over the place and you seem to have forgotten that it was an election run under STV not FPTP.

          In 2012 Lisa Beattie (SNP) won 33% not 42.9 as you suggested, were you counting both SNP candidates?) of the 1st preference votes (and won her seat at the 1st stage), she is still incumbent as a councillor in the ward
          Pete Bowes (then Labour later turned Independent) won 24% of
          1st preference votes (and won his seat after the 5th

          In 2014 Kenny Young (Labour) won 32.9% of the 1st
          preference votes (and won his seat at the 5th stage)
          Colin Cassidy (SNP) won 32.1% of the 1st
          preference vote.

          To suggest that Labour won the seat because of falling away
          of SNP voters simply isn’t true and while they (SNP) would have preferred to have won it the reason for the Labour win wasn’t a dip in SNP fortunes but a particularly good campaign from Kenny Young, unsurprising as he is a charismatic and intelligent candidate although he is currently facing rumblings of being a careerist which many suggest will dent his chances in the upcoming GE.

          • John Ruddy

            They are not all over the place – they are the accepted way of comparing by-elections in Scottish local elections.

            In comparing one party’s vote in a by-election against the vote it received at the main election in 2012, you always add together the first preference votes of all candidates. In some wards, parties stood more candidates than they should have done, and the vote they received could have elected more councillors if they hadnt spread the vote.

          • Moominpause

            What utter rot, show me where this is stated as standard practice.

            The person who ‘won’ the initial election is still incumbent, a swing to labour suggests that the SNP wouldn’t win the first place seat and that’s delusional at best and duplicitous at worst.

  • Doug Smith

    In 2007 the Progress website attached this mini-profile to a piece written by Kenny: “Kenny Young is chair of Labour Students”.

    Kenny has since broadened his life-experience by becoming a Press Manager for Miliband and, more recently, a Councillor.

    He seems to be a chip off the Murphy block: straight from student politics into adult politics without an intervening period of real-world experience.

    Progress clones a-go-go.

  • Malcolm McCandless

    Talking of people standing for election to Westminster.

    Jim Murphy now bizarrely claiming in an interview with the Holyrood Magazine that he is not a Westminster politician.

    You don’t have to make things up about Jim Murphy he is doing all that himself.

  • Jamie P

    Where’s his tiger face paint gone?….or am I thinking of Young Kenny from Phoenix Nights – I do hope future candidate lists start surname first.


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